Voter Registration

In Illinois, normal Voter Registration closes 28 days prior to each election. To register and vote in an upcoming election after that time one must complete Grace Period Registration. Grace Period is where you must register and vote that day. You may register in person for either normal Voter Registration or Grace Period Registration at the County Clerk's Office and the City Clerk's Office in the Carbondale City Hall. For dates and times please call the Jackson County Clerk's Office, or the City Clerk's Office in Carbondale.

Voter registration applicants are required to show the deputy registrar or officer of registration two forms of identification, and except in the case of a homeless individual, one of the pieces of identification must include the applicant's current residence address. These forms of identification shall include but are not limited to, any of the following: driver's license, social security card, public aid identification card, utility bill, employee or student identification card, lease or contract for a residence, credit card, or a civic, union or professional association membership card. The registration officer must require a homeless individual to furnish evidence of his use of the mailing address stated. A mailing address of a homeless individual may include but is not limited to, a shelter, a day shelter, or a private residence. This use may be demonstrated by a piece of mail addressed to that individual and received at that mailing address. [10 ILCS 5/3-2, 4-10, 5-9, 6-35, 6-37]

If you cannot visit one of these offices during their business hours, please call the County Clerk's office at 618-687-7366; there are more than 200 deputy registrars living throughout the county who can register you at a mutually convenient time and place. Don't forget to bring your identification.

You may also obtain the documents to register to vote by mail:
Frank L. Byrd
Jackson County Clerk and Recorder
1001 Walnut Street
Murphysboro, IL 62966-2194

You may also obtain the documents to register to vote online:

In order to register to vote you must:

  • be a native-born or naturalized citizen of the United States
  • be 18 years of age at the time of the next General Election
  • have lived at the address where you register for at least 30 days prior to the next election

If you wish to register in another county, please consult the State Board of Elections Website.