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Recording of Documents

Recording of Documents

Free web access to land records is now available.

Jackson County Clerk/Recorder Frank L. Byrd recently announced that a new free web access service is now available to find information regarding recorded land-related documents in Jackson County as part of the services of the recording department of that office.

While office staff is always pleased to offer customer assistance by phone or in person, those interested may now look up land record information for documents recorded from 1989 to the present by accessing this new free database at the following link:

This free information is intended to provide basic recording information regarding documents and will be especially helpful to both private citizens and businesses who wish to confirm that their documents sent by mail or by another party have been recorded in the Jackson County recorder's office.

For those who may wish to have more in-depth web access, which includes viewing and printing images of land record documents, the Jackson County clerk/recorder's office continues to participate in the Land Records Website, which generates searches and prints for a small fee.

For those unable to access the internet or not desirous of the web access fee, Byrd continues to invite the public to visit their office during business hours of Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm and make use of the free public computer stations available to search land records information, and staff is available to assist them. Those with questions about the new free web access land records service may contact the Jackson County clerk/recorder's office by phone at 618-687-7360.

Deed Recording

  • The grantee's address must appear on the face of all deeds for future payment of property taxes.
  • A completed Real Estate Transfer Declaration form, PTAX-203 must accompany the deed, or an exemption certificate with proper letter of exemption, dated and signed, must be affixed to the deed. This form may be completed online and printed at your location by going to the Interactive Property Deed Recording form.
  • Transfer taxes must be purchased from this office at the time of recording.
  • All Deeds must also include a Jackson County Plat Act Affidavit (PDF).
  • When recording documents related to real estate a property identification number must be included.

Plat Recording

(Please provide one original and five copies.)

  • $84, plus $1 per additional lot. Either a cover page or plat act affidavit must be included to scan into our system.

Survey Recording

(Please provide one original and five copies.)

  • $63 per survey. Either a cover page or plat act affidavit must be included to scan into our system.

Requests for Copies of Recorded Documents

This office does not perform property record searches for the public. You are welcome to visit the courthouse and perform your own search. If you know the document number or book and page number of the document desired, you may request delivery of a document by mail and avoid a visit to the courthouse. All requests for document copies must be made in person or in writing. Fax requests are not accepted. If writing to request copies, include the appropriate document information and enclose a fee of $1 per page. If you are unsure how many pages the document consists of, make a generous estimate and include enough funds to cover the likely number of pages. We will refund any overpayments made. If you would like copies faxed to you, the fee is increased by $1.50 per document. All fees must be paid in advance.

Make your checks payable to and mail all documents and required notices to:
Jackson County Clerk and Recorder
Frank L. Byrd
1001 Walnut
Murphysboro, IL 62966-2194 

Be sure to enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your fee.