Animal Control

The Animal Control Office Exists to Promote

  • Human safety
  • The welfare of domestic and agricultural animals
  • Responsible pet ownership
  • Livestock husbandry, and
  • Community responsibility

The Animal Control Officer reports to the Legislative and Public Safety Committee of the Jackson County Board. Officers are required to enforce Illinois state statutes and Jackson County ordinances.

Summary of Responsibilities

The scope of work for the officer resides in eight areas of responsibility.

  1. Animal bites
  2. Animals at-large
  3. Rabies vaccination and tagging
  4. Livestock depredation
  5. Nuisance complaints
  6. Issuance of citations
  7. Emergency and overtime response
  8. Administration and equipment maintenance

Typical officer duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Investigating the source and circumstances of animal bites
  • Patrolling the county to enforce animal-related laws
  • Responding to animal complaints from citizens
  • Trapping, confining, and quarantining animals
  • Contacting possible owners of at-large animals
  • Conducting public information campaigns
  • Conducting animal vaccination clinics
  • Preparing animal control reports
  • Maintaining county animal control facilities and equipment
  • Investigating livestock loss claims, and
  • Distributing rabies tags and certificates

Associated Agencies