I am concerned about the living conditions or health of an animal in Jackson County.

Who should I contact for concerns about the welfare of a dog?

Animal welfare checks for injured, sick, or dogs without proper shelter are done by local animal control officers (see contact listing for local governing bodies) and State of Illinois inspectors. State requirements are such that an owner must provide a sufficient quantity of food, water, and shelter as well as veterinary care as needed to prevent suffering. Concerns regarding care and checks should be reported to your local Animal Control agency.

What is the difference between a stray dog and a straying dog?

A straying dog is an owned dog who has wandered from the supervision/property of the owner. A stray dog is an animal for which no owner/caretaker can currently be determined. Note: Stray dogs may become straying dogs if an owner/caretaker can be identified.

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1. I live or have recently moved into Jackson County or I have recently acquired a dog/cat and reside in Jackson County.
2. I live inside the city limits of a town/village/city in Jackson County.
3. I am concerned about the living conditions or health of an animal in Jackson County.
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