Tax Bill Problems

Why Did My Bill Go Up?

There are many factors that contribute to a tax bill amount:

Assessed Value - Values of properties are assessed by Township Assessors and the Jackson County Supervisor of Assessments.

Tax Rates - Tax rates are calculated based on the amounts levied by the districts and the assessed value of all properties in the district. A list of districts and each of their current and prior year rates can be seen on the tax bill on the upper left. Questions about rates should be addressed to the individual districts.

Missing Exemptions - Many taxpayers are able to add exemptions to their tax bill in order to reduce the net taxable value of their property. Existing exemptions are listed on the bill on the ladder-like column on the very right. The Supervisor of Assessments Office determines eligibility for and applies for exemptions.

Address Correction

The County Assessor’s Office handles address changes. You can download and fill out the form here: Assessment Office Forms | Jackson County, IL

Tax Appeals

First, we recommend checking with the Assessor’s Office to make sure there are not any errors or exemptions missing.

Second, you can appeal your property assessment through the Jackson County Board of Review.

Finally, if you have been through the two above steps, and still believe that your tax bill is unfair you must pay the taxes and file a tax objection complaint with the Circuit Clerk (also known as a payment under protest). You must also appear in court to explain the objection to the tax bill amount. Payment under protest is a legal process, not a process through the Treasurer’s Office, and the bill still must be paid by the set due dates in order to avoid late penalties.

I Didn’t Get My Property Tax Bill. Am I Required To Pay It?

In Illinois, taxpayers are still responsible for the tax even if a bill is not received. If you are missing a tax bill please call 618-687-7350 or Email Liz Hunter.

In (35 ILCS 200/20-15)

“The failure or neglect of the collector to mail the bill, or the failure of the taxpayer to receive the bill, shall not affect the validity of any tax, or the liability for the payment of any tax.”