Jail Commissary & Bond


Each inmate at the Jackson County Jail has an Inmate Trust Fund account, which allows an inmate to receive funds to use on commissary, among other items.

Each week, an inmate can purchase up to $100 worth of clothing, hygiene, and food items in total.

Orders are submitted by 11 pm on Sunday and delivered on Thursday.

Commissary offers

  • Clothing
  • Stamped envelopes
  • Toiletries
  • Phone Services (Call Time)
  • Food items (supplementary to the meals provided)

Adding money to a detainee’s trust fund account (books)

You can add money to a detainee’s books by

  • Online JailATM
  • United States Postal Service (Money Order/Cashier's Check) are subject to being held until verified from their financial institution for verification
  • Jail's lobby kiosk
  • Cash is not allowed through the mail


Acceptable Payment Methods

Cash (US currency only), Cashier's Check, or Money Order only from a local bank financial institution. No personal checks.

When paying by Cashier's check, or Money Order it must be payable in the Inmate's Name. These forms of payments must be presented during normal banking financial institution hours. (A deputy will call and verify with the bank financial institution that the Cashier's Check/Money Order came from).

You may pay with a credit card by using the Court Money Website, JCSO ID #1205.

Handling fees do apply with Court Money. Any questions contact Court Money at 1-800-352-9870.

Commissary Office Hours

Monday through Friday
8 am to 4 pm