Legislative & Public Safety Committee


  • 5 pm
  • 2nd Tuesday of the Month
  • Jackson County Sheriff's Office
    1001 Mulberry Street
    Murphysboro, IL 62966

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Christine Snyder, Chairperson


The Legislative and Public Safety Committee deals with judicial actions affecting the by-laws of the County, reviews matters pertaining to the general health and safety of the county, and recommends appropriate action to the County Board. The committee shall also review matters related to solid waste management, landfill, and other pollution control facility regulation and operation, as well as contracts related to solid waste disposal and hauling. In addition, the Committee shall review receipts and expenditures from monies paid to the county by reason of landfill activity, including but not limited to tipping fees. The committee shall review matters, including policy pertaining to the operation of the Jackson County Ambulance Service, and recommend any appropriate action to the County Board. Duties shall include:

  1. Serve as Board liaison with the state legislature and as a clearinghouse for state legislative information.
  2. Serve as Board liaison to the following: Chief Elected Officials of the County, Director of the Jackson County Ambulance Service, Jackson County Health Department, Tuberculosis Care and Treatment, 708 Board and Funded Agencies, Jackson County Animal Control, Jackson County Emergency Management Agency, Senior Citizens Services of Jackson County, Jackson County Extension Service, and Coroner.
  3. Review (biennially) and recommend changes in the By-Laws of the County Board, including committee structure and membership.
  4. Recommend location of polling places, amount of rental fee, and election judge compensation.
  5. Monitor the general compliance to all applicable laws relating to solid waste and recycling activities in Jackson County, as well as recommending programs, activities, new ordinances, and revisions to existing ordinances related to solid waste management.
  6. Recommend adoptions of contracts and agreements between other branches of government, the county, and waste service providers and facilities.
  7. Review compliance by waste service providers and facilities with all contractual and legal obligations arising out of their operations within the county and recommend to the County Board such as may be necessary to assure compliance.
  8. Monitor tipping fees and other revenues from waste facilities and recommend expenditures.
  9. Review budgets submitted by the Jackson County Ambulance Service and County Health Department.
  10. Monitor long-range planning regarding solid waste management needs and available resources and report the same to the County Board.
  11. Advise Jackson County Ambulance Service Director on general policy matters.
  12. Review Jackson County Ambulance claims and present them to the County Board.