Emergency Notification Protocol

Dial 911 for Police, Fire, and EMS.

Illinois Emergency Management Agency (SERC)

  • 217-782-7860

Jackson County Emergency Management Agency

  • Office: 618-684-3137
  • Coordinator’s Cell: 618-201-4900
  • Deputy Coordinator’s Cell: 618-534-9224

The Owner/Operator/Spiller is required to notify IEMA/SERC directly, and as soon as possible. As soon as practical, the Owner/Operator/Spiller should notify the LEPC Emergency Coordinator.

In the event of a transportation incident, the Owner/Operator/Spiller may only be reasonably able to notify 911. The 911 telecommunicator will need to make a notification to IEMA/SERC.

The Computer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations (CAMEO) software suite and database will be maintained at the primary and alternate EOCs, as well as at the appropriate response agencies. The CAMEO database contains chemical inventories and emergency contacts for the fixed facilities in Jackson County. The LEPC Emergency Coordinator will maintain a laptop computer(s) for field deployment. Fixed facility data will be updated and distributed annually by the LEPC.

If the size, duration, or complexity of the incident requires activation of the EOP, personnel trained in chemical emergency response will be deployed to the EOC. These support personnel will be available by radio (154.040), or telephone (684-3137), to the field units requiring specific response information. This personnel will have access to all available reference documents and databases, as well as established contacts with HAZMAT response experts from other jurisdictions. All information gathered will be transferred through the EMA Coordinator (or designee) to the County Board Chairman (or designee) for the purpose of evacuation or disaster declaration decisions.

It will be the discretion of the LEPC Emergency Coordinator to report to the EOC or directly to the incident scene.