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Prepay Your Taxes

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Monthly Prepayment Program (MPP)

The Jackson County Treasurer's Office allows you to make estimated monthly payments toward your property taxes free of interest. The MPP estimates your property taxes based on the previous tax year. 

If you choose to enroll in the MPP, our office will send you a coupon book. You will need to send in your payment with one of the coupons at any time throughout the year. The coupons must accompany the payment you send, but you do not have to send the exact amount listed on the coupon, as we will accept any amount that you want to send. 

There are more than 450 residents of Jackson County who participate in the MPP. 

 We are now accepting payments for the MPP for 2019 payable 2020 real estate taxes. The last payment would be due on June 22. To enroll, call the Treasurer's Office at 618-687-7350. 

If you are already a participant and have questions or no longer wish to participate in the MPP, please contact our office.

MPP Frequently Asked Questions

About the MPP

  • Pay taxes early in 8 equal payments at a 1 to 1 ratio
  • Payments amounts are estimated based on the last tax cycle
  • Payments of any amount will be accepted any time until June 22, 2020
  • When the tax cycle begins, all prepayments will be applied to the current tax bill and appear on the normal tax bill with all prepayments deducted and a balance due
  • Any overpayments will be refunded to the taxpayer along with the original bill

Qualifying for the MPP

  • Taxpayer must provide the parcel number
  • All taxes on the parcel must be paid current to date

How to participate in the MPP

  1. Fill out the MPP registration forms (come in to the Treasurer’s Office or call 618-687-7350 to obtain the forms).
  2. The taxpayer will be given a set of coupons with the suggested dates and amounts of payment.
  3. Send payments of any amount at any time before June 22, 2020 to the Treasurer’s Office along with a coupon this is important! Pay by mail or in person. Note: There will be no penalties assessed on prepayments so you can make as many or as few payments as you want, when you want. The amount on the coupon is not a mandatory amount. Any amounts received before June 22, 2020, as long as they are accompanied by a coupon, will be applied to the prepayment.
  4. The taxpayer will receive a normal tax bill when the regular tax cycle begins. The bill will have the amount of prepayment deducted from it. If a refund is due to you, it will be included in the bill. If you owe, please pay the taxes owed. Late penalties will be assessed as normal after the first installment due date.