Just a reminder. . .The Final Installment Date for the 2017 property taxes payable 2018 are due November 26, 2018. This is the Monday after the Thanksgiving Vacation. Due to this timing, we will extend the Grace Period of not placing a penalty on the Second Installment for a few days. If you have not paid the First Installment that was due on October 26, there is 1.5% penalty on that. We will only be open Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday during Thanksgiving Day week. The Courthouse is closed on November 22 and 23. Please remember you may pay your property taxes at all banks in Jackson County (except Regions and the bank in Walmart) through November 26. The banks will not accept taxes after November 26. You may also pay online at www.jacksoncounty-il.gov or mail your check to our office.




 The Sealed Bid Books have arrived! They are $5.00 each, and we have books that can be perused in our office for free. The books contain information and some pictures of parcels that went through the Tax Sales but were not bought. Bids begin under $800. The last day for sealed bids will be before 4:00 pm on November 9. They will then be turned over to our trustee who will open them and contact those with the highest bids.





The 2017 payable 2018 Real Estate Tax Bills were mailed on Monday, September 24, 2018.

The due dates are October 26, 2018 and November 26, 2018.



MOBILE HOME TAXES ARE DUE TODAY, JULY 16 BY 4:00 PM. AFTER A SHORT GRACE PERIOD THOUGH THIS WEEK, A PENALTY OF $25 WILL BE DUE. THIS FOLLOWS STATE STATUTE. PLEASE TAKE NOTICE: AS OF MONDAY, JULY 23, A PENALTY OF $25 WILL BE ADDED TO YOUR BILL. THANK YOU!   Jackson County 2018 Mobile Home Taxes have been mailed. Payment by cash, check, or credit card is due July 16, 2018.  **********************************************************************************************       The Jackson County Treasurer's Office is accepting pre-payments for 2017 property taxes payable in 2018. Please contact our office today for information on joining this program. Join hundreds of other Jackson County taxpayers in making early payments so the final amount you will pay next summer will be reduced.          In light of the new Tax Bill that is in the US Congress, the Jackson County Treasurer's Office will take payment for estimated 2017 payable in 2018 tax bills. We will begin on December 20, 2017. We will need for the taxpayer to come into the office, sign a form, provide us with ALL affected parcel numbers, and pay with check. Our credit card payment option has been closed for this calendar year. All parcels must be paid current. We can take no payment on parcels that have back taxes due.       Duties of Treasurer's Office The Jackson County Treasurer's Office is the banker for Jackson County.  Upon receipt of the collector books from the county clerk, the county collector prepares tax bills for all real estate taxes within the county and mails them to owners of record. The distribution of tax receipts are then made to the various taxing districts during the collection period. Along with the collection of real estate taxes, the county treasurer also collects the mobile home local service tax and administrates for the Department of Revenue the Senior Citizens Real Estate Tax Deferral Program.  In addition, the Treasurer's Office is responsible for refunding of duplicate or over payments, issuing of error refunds, annual and scavenger tax sales for delinquent properties, the accounting and auditing of collections and distributions. The Treasurer's Office also keeps the records and approve the investments for many of the accounts needed for the county's general operations.