Maureen Berkowitz

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mberkowitz.profilepic1Maureen Berkowitz has been married to Mark Berkowitz since 1998.  They have seven children and six grandchildren between them, although none live locally.  This gives ample travel opportunities from California to West Virginia to Chicago, Memphis and Florida.

They have lived in two different homes in Makanda Township since 1996.  They are active socially and have many friends in the community.

Berkowitz is a Certified Illinois Assessing Officer (CIAO) and has been engaged in real estate valuation since 1990.  She has over 500 hours of continuing education in the assessing field.

Berkowitz was appointed to the Jackson County Board of Review in 1999, serving until her appointment to Supervisor of Assessments in 2002.  She was then elected to the post in 2010 and 2014.  Prior to assessing she was one of the top-selling real estate agents in Carbondale from 1992-2002.  She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of Liberal Arts at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, in 1980.

Berkowitz is an active member of the County assessment Officers Association.  She is also on the Board of Directors for the League of Women Voters of Jackson County and the Bittersweet Homeowners Association and serves as secretary to both.

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