The Real Property Committee shall review matters related to the real and personal property of the county, land use planning in the county, matters concerning the taxing units of the county, the roads and bridges of the County and recommends any appropriate action to the County Board.

  1. Serve as Board liaison to the Sheriff's Office regarding routine maintenance and cleaning of the courthouse; to area planning agencies including Greater Egypt Regional Planning Commission, Jackson County Soil and Water Conservation District, Shawnee Resource Conservation and Development and others as may occur; to the Supervisor of Assessments and Board of Review; and the County Engineer.
  2. Review and recommend the management of the real and personal property of the County including acquisition, leasing, construction, remodeling, major maintenance, operation and disposition.
  3. Develop long range plans for County buildings.
  4. Draft and recommend the County subdivision ordinance; review this ordinance biennially.
  5. Review and recommend proposed county subdivision plats.
  6. Review and recommend proposals for land use planning, such as a zoning ordinance, building permits, etc.
  7. Review and recommend action on mining permits submitted to the County Board.
  8. Propose and recommend plans for economic development in the County.
  9. Recommend any contract for services of the Highway Department.
  10. Recommend approval of bid openings related to Highway Department.
  11. Represent the County Board in any intergovernmental meetings relating to the Highway Department, including Jackson County Mass Transit.