The County Board consists of fourteen members that are elected from seven districts and govern the county in accordance with formal bylaws and state statute. The Board meets to administer county activities and enact ordinances and resolutions into law.

The full meeting of the County Board is held on the third Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. in the courthouse, 2nd floor Courtroom 4. Nearly all of the detailed work of the board is conducted in standing committee meetings, the scheduling for which is published monthly on the web in the Board's monthly calendar.

The Board and its chairman, Keith Larkin, along with board staff are responsible for overall fiscal management of all county operations. The Board's vice chair is Tamiko Mueller.

The Board provides funding for external agencies providing community health and social services.

The offices located in the courthouse observe the following holiday schedule.

Historic photos of Board members since 1972 are available online.

For more information about the County Board's functions, its committees, or meetings, call (618) 687-7240. Many of the duties and obligations of county government are stipulated via Chapter 55 of the Illinois statutes.