TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2019 12:00 AM


Call to Order (5:03 PM)

  • Basden II, Calandro, Comparato, Erbes, Morris, Mueller and Snyder

Also Present: Julie Peterson, Kenton Schafer, Jeff Whitbeck, Bart Hagston, Kerri Gale

Approval of Minutes


September 10, 2019 Minutes

  • A motion was made by Comparato, seconded by Snyder, to approve the September 10, 2019 minutes as presented. The motion carried by unanimous vote.



ZITO Media Notice

Notice of Zito Media rate increase.

Animal Control


Animal Control Ordinance changes

The committee discussed that they think some changes need made to the ordinance but they do not have any specifics.  Peterson stated that her constituents are concerned about the lack of an Animal Control officer in Jackson County.  The committee questioned what "control by owner" means.  The consensus of the committee is to have a deadline of December 6th to have any suggested ordinance changes to the Board office and they will be compiled for discussion at the December meeting.


Animal Control Update

The Acting County Administrator gave an update on animal control. The Sheriff's Department is responding to all Animal Control calls, since August there have been four animal bites, one dog on deer attack, five welfare checks, and forty one animal complaints.  The Board office has processed $3,716 in tag fees for Animal Control.  Additionally, the Board office has ordered the 2020 rabies tags, is working with the IL Dept. of Ag on the dog/deer attack, creating a form for bite reports, attempting to find a new veterinarian to be the Animal Control Administrator for the County, processing tag and certificate requests, and ordering new certificate books.  

Health Department & Solid Waste



Jackson County Health Department

Hagston reported that the Health Department (HD) continues to have flu vaccines and he encouraged anyone who has not been vaccinated to get their flu shot.  The HD continues to track develpments with the nationwide issue of lung illness related to the use of vaping products, and communicate with healthcare providers on the issue as needed.  Work continues on the development of the next five year Community Health Improvement Plan, Hagston thanked those who particpated in the survey.  Hagston concluded by informing the committee that planning for the HD 70th Anniversary has begun, the celebration will take place during National Public Health Week in April 2020.


Solid Waste Enforcement

Gale reported that 24 open dumping/burning inspections or field visits were conducted, 18 were revisits, 1 resulted in closure due to compliance, approximately 40 cubic yards of waste were removed, 10 citizen complaints were recieved, and three routine landfill inspections were conducted, one with IEPA.


Solid Waste Fund Update
i. Landfill Permit Notice

Gale reviewed the fund update included in the packet.  The notice was for informational purposes.


Recycling Program

Gale reported that the Shred/Med Day on October 26th was rainy, cold and windy.  Health Department staff, Sheriff's Department staff, START's Carl Hartman and volunteers collected medications and documents for destrution.  They collected 97 pounds of medication and 4,220 pounds of paper.  There are no numbers on the specific number of vehicles due to the weather but the estimate is about 120.  Gale went on to point out that HD staff attended the Illinois REcycling Associaton Workshop in Springfield on Detailing Recycling in Transition.  The workshipo narrowed down some of the issues facing with recycling world such as contamination in the recycling facilities, waste hauler contracts and what they offer.  Additionally, HD staff attended the IL Counties Solid Waste Management Association Conference which trains and educates Solid Waste and Recycling professionals on various programs.

Emergency Management

Ambulance Service



Ambulance Monthly Claims

  • A motion was made by Erbes, seconded by Mueller, to authorize payment of the Ambulance Department monthly claims in the amount of $67,682.56. The motion carried by unanimous vote.

Director’s Report
i. Accounts Receivable Cash
ii. Activity Report
iii. Ordinance Authorizing an Addendum to the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System Agreement

Schafer reported the following: 

There is $281,009.12 in accounts receivable cash.

There were 848 patient care reports for 832 incidents for EMS and 53 Livery transports.

In cooperation with Memorial Hospital of Carbondale (MHC) and Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital we had a training symposium on November 6 at the Carbondale Civic Center. We discussed special needs pediatric patients and the STARS program in the morning and the Trauma Center upgrade to MHC. This training was offered to all EMS/ED staff in our region and was very well attended. We did not charge a fee, however we asked participants to donate a new, unwrapped toy to our "stuff the ambulance" toy drive which will be donated to the local chapter of Toys for Tots.

Memorial Hospital of Carbondale has earned their Level II Trauma Center designation. We worked with their team very closely during drills and preparedness for this fundamental change in patient care capabilities to our residents and our region.

In cooperation with the Sheriff s Department we are working with the elected officials and department heads in the offices of the courthouse to provide CPR/AED and Stop the Bleed training. We are working on schedules and integrating with each office to provide the training without disruption to daily business and without any added employee expense.

We are asking that the County Board approve an ordinance to allow the ambulance service to become a member of MABAS (Mutual Aid Box Alarm System) becoming a member of MABAS allows us to utilize MABAS assets such as technical rescue, water rescue and HAZMAT just to name a few. Becoming a member would provide a benefit to the residents that we serve. Allison has drafted an ordinance for your approval.

  • A motion was made by Mueller, seconded by Erbes, to approve recommendation the Ordinance authorizing an addendum to the mutual aid box alarm system agreement. The motion carried by unanimous vote.



Cannabis Ordinance

Comparato informed the committee that the Cannabis Subcommittee voted to approve the ordinance and tax rate.  He also stated that the State's Attorney's office has reviewed the ordinance.  Peterson voiced concerns that section two of the ordinance does not specifically address dispenceries.  She was informed that this a boiler plate ordinance and any board member who does not approve of it can vote no at the board meeting.

  • A motion was made by Comparato, seconded by Erbes, to approve moving the ordinance establishing a county cannabis retailers occupation tax to the full board. The motion carried by unanimous vote.

Citizen Comments

Old Business

New Business

Executive Session


Comparato moved and Erbes seconded to adjourn, motion carried.