THURSDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2019 5:00 PM


Call to Order (5:00 PM)

  • Comparato, D. Bost, Erbes, Hunter, Nehring, Peterson and Rendleman

Also Present: Keith Larkin, Tamiko Mueller, Gene Basden, Cindy Svanda, Jennifer Lindsey, Kenton Schafer, Maureen Berkowitz, Bart Hagston, Jennifer Anderson, Orval Rowe, Mary Varner, Josh Barringer, Mitch Burdick, Chad Hill, Jill Stokes, Lynn Hines, Jeff Whitbeck, Robert Burns

Chair's Report

Peterson asked to say a few things.  She began by quoting Billy Joel "We didn't start the fire" she believes that the County should do what is necessary to stay afloat, which for her includes having an Animal Control officer and she will not vote for a budget that does not fund Senior Services and U of I Extension.


FY20 Budget Discussion

Hunter began by giving everyone a few minutes to read a letter from Jessica Grammer about the need to fund the U of I Extension.  Hunter then informed the committee that the personal property replacement tax has gone up about 15% and the county realized an additional $185,487 which puts the budget short fall at $118,754 and includes the removal of the Animal Control position. Larkin went through the cuts the Sheriff made to his budget and explained that due to the County need and the timing of testing the Sheriff would have some funding in his staff line item that could get the County through.  Larkin also discussed paying off one bond and refinancing the other one to realize some savings.  Rendleman asked about rules for keeping funding in that account and was informed that there aren't any.  Hunter stated that the current budget removes all raises for non-bargaining staff.  Larkin would like to create a subcommittee with two board members, the Sheriff and the Treasurer to look at dealing with the bonds.  Svanda stated that due to the fee restructuring her fee estimate may be low and she is willing to look at it in six months to see if there is additional revenue.  Rendleman asked if the Board could legally pass a deficit budget, Larkin said yes, Rendleman wants a State's Attorney's position.  Larking pointed out that going a year without an Animal Control officer does not mean there will be no Animal Control there will still be an administrator and the County will remain in compliance with the State mandates, Peterson still opposes.  The committee discussed the non-bargaining salaries and the consensus was to put them back in the budget.  This brings the shortfall to $188,754.  JGA was taken out of the budget and Mueller and D. Bost want it put back in.  This brings the shortfall to $198,754.  The committee then went through the budget to see where other cuts could be made, the following were the suggestions: take $52,502 from the State's Attorney's salary line item; take $15,000 from County Board contractual services; take $7,500 from Courthouse janitorial; take $10,000 from Board of Review apprasials; take $15,000 from Computing Services capital assests; take $9,949 from Board of Review salary, which reduces their salary to $14,200.  The committee then voted on passing a deficit budget.

  • A motion was made by Peterson, seconded by Comparato, to approve passing a County General deficit budget. The motion carried by the following vote:
    • 4 - Comparato, D. Bost, Hunter and Peterson
    • 3 - Erbes, Nehring and Rendleman

Executive Session


Comparato moved and Peterson seconded to adjourn, motion carried.