THURSDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2019  4:00 PM


Call to Order (4:05 PM)

  • Comparato, Erbes and Peterson

Also Present: Tamiko Mueller, Josh Barringer

Old Business


Discussion of cannabis in Jackson County

Comparato began by stating that he would like the subcommittee to present some action items to the Legislative & Public Safety Committee.  The question was asked if anyone knew an estimate of the revenue, not at this time and Comparato cautioned against thinking that there would be a lot of revenue, especially in the beginning.  Peterson suggested putting a survey on the website and doing a straw poll of the board members to see if there is a consensus to be in out.  She stated that if the County voted to be in she wants an ordinance for nuisance, odor, spacing, and other related issues.  Mueller asked how the Sheriff's office was going to identify people who were growing over the alloted plants, Carbondale passed an ordinance making it a city violation in addition to a State violation.  Comparato suggested maxing out on the .75% on municipalities and going lower than 2% in the County to encourage economic development.  The Acting County Administrator suggested that in the proposal there be an indication of what fund the cannabis revenue be put into.  The committee discussed several options.  This item will go on the November Legislative agenda.

  • A motion was made by Erbes, seconded by Peterson, to approve recommendation for Jackson County to create an Ordinance to allow cannabis in the unincorporated area of the County and to tax it at 1.5% with the revenue going to County General and to add the .75% to municipalities. The motion carried by unanimous vote.

New Business

Executive Session


Erbes moved and Peterson seconded to adjourn, motion carried.