MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2019 5:30 PM


Call to Order (5:30 PM)

  • Hunter, Thomas, Williamson and Willis
  • Flowers, Madsen and St. Julian

Also Present: Angel Wilson, Jocelyn Popit, Kathy Baumann, Deanna Cruse, Betti Mucha, Ginny Donney, Holly Cormier, Nancy Maxwell

Approval of Minutes


July 15, 2019 Minutes

This will be addressed at the next meeting.


Recognition of Visitors

Agency Reports

Women's Center reported that October is Domestic Violence Awareness month.  They will be doing a Take Back the Night event on October 11, 2019.  There in person counseling has increased, they have an LGBTQ group starting October 7, a book group starting sometime in October, helped beauticians complete a required class on spotting and asking questions about domestic violence, and had a BBQ at Attacks park that was well attended by the community.

Clinical Center reported that they are continuing to do LD evaluations, they had some issues with schools not helping with remediation but they are working through them, and they added auditory processing to the LD evaluations.

Shawnee Health reported that they added four schools with in district 95 and they are in the process of hiring a second person.

Perry-Jackson reported that their annual ball is November 8th at Legends at Walkers Bluff, they are going through their five year accreditation right now, and the Sheriff's Office is putting on a golf scramble on September 28th for them.

Archway reported that they had a family picnic at Castle Park that was well attended and appreciated by families, currently their only issue is keeping a full classroom they have had several people moving in and out of the area.

START reported that they were able to visit with the Governor and express their concerns around funding, the Apple Festival is a big event for them, their numbers do drop off a bit in the summer, and they have started taking donations for meals for Thanksgiving & Christmas.

Centerstone reported that their annual Bocce Ball Tournament is coming up in Herrin, they have a new manager in the Carbondale office, they have a bilingual therapist at the Carbondale office, they added a second parenting class, and are adding an ENDR therapist.

Good Samaritan reported that they are staying full, their donations are down and they are looking for funding ideas, this is the only facility in the area for the population they serve.  Hunter suggested they speak with Carbondale Township about one time funding.

Old Business

The Board reminded all the agencies to attend the Budget hearing at the end of the month and advocate for their funding.

New Business

Willis wanted to discuss the Good Samaritan crisis and asked the agencies to network and work with them on possible funding sources and grants.  The other agencies readily agreed.


Approval of 3rd Quarter Reports

The Board reviewed the third quarter reports from each agency.  

  • A motion was made by Willis, seconded by Thomas, to approve the third quarter reports as presented. The motion carried by unanimous vote.

Review of 3-year goals

The Board reviewed their goals.  The discussed the lack of funding for mini grants, adding additional people to gain diversity but it would also increase the required number for a quorum.  It was noted that they did accomplish one of the goals this year and that working towards the others next year is a good goal.  The Board asked that a Health Department representative attend the January meeting. 

Executive Session


Willis moved and Thomas seconded to adjourn, motion carried.