Call to Order (4:36 PM)

  • Calandro, D. Bost, Erbes, Mueller, Peterson and Snyder
  • Mendoza, Jr.

Also Present: Mitch Burdick, Maureen Berkowitz, Jeff Whitbeck

Approval of Minutes


August 14, 2019 Minutes

Peterson pointed out spelling changes need to: ISACO, Schlager, and Macedonia.

  • A motion was made by Erbes, seconded by D. Bost, to approve the August 14, 2019 minutes with the mentioned changes. The motion carried by unanimous vote.



SI article on recent flooding

This article is for informational purposes.  Peterson also read an article from the Southern Illinoisan on how the region is leading the State in growth.

Land Use & Economic Development



Greater Egypt Regional Planning & Development Commission
i. Opportunity Zone Article

Peterson reviewed the work that Greater Egypt has done in Jackson County and the small structures study that was done, the information is available on the Greater Egypt website.


Supervisor of Assessments

Berkowitz reported that they are hoping to send out the assessments by November 1 with a deadline of December 6th.  So far there has been 8 million dollars in new assessments added.  The Assessments staff is making the new office work despite the smaller size.  Erbes reported that with regard to the Willis building the insurance companies are working out details but there is a plan to tear down the Gillenberg building.


Jackson Growth Alliance

Mueller reported that the JGA consultants will be at the full board meeting.


Comprehensive Plan


River Levee Project Update

Burdick reported that the water level has to be in the 19-20 range so it needs to go down at least another 7 feet before work can be done; there are three gates left to do; there was some emergency work done during the flooding.

Highway Department



SIMPO-Southern Illinois Metropolitan Planning Organization
i. Approved SIMPO STU Fund

Peterson provided a handout that shows the projects for 2019-2023 there are three in Carbondale.  


Jackson County Bike Routes

Burdick reported that he asked about cleaning up the newly finished area on 12 and it will be be cleaned up at least one more time by the contractor and then Carbondale is slated to do the work on a cost sharing basis.


Highway Monthly Claims

Burdick reviewed some of the purchases and highlighted the purchase of the truck from the Ambulance department.

  • A motion was made by Calandro, seconded by Erbes, to approve the highway monthly claims in the amount of $405,425.79. The motion carried by unanimous vote.

County Highway Department Update

Burdick began by reviewing a handout of his financial data to date.  He explained each page and answered questions.  He also highlighted that his work comp and unemployment are over because 2018 figures have not been reversed out.  Then Burdick went over his budget highlights: property tax increased an average of 2.9%, the County Engineer Salary can come out of MFT funds, he is not replacing the Engineering Technician, he hired Dana from the Treasurer's office, he is not doing percent raises because he believes this perpetuates income disparity instead he is doing hourly raises, he is doubling the boot allowance to account for cost of living increases over the last several years, he is increasing the equipment & vehicles line item to account for a failing fleet so what he is saving on payroll he is spending on fleet, and he concluded by explaining the need to increase the matching fund to be able to meet all the projects.  Burdick also said that Dillinger Road is open and the striping will happen later in the week.  He will be concentrating on flood repairs, some in Pomona have already begun.


2019 MFT Revised Maintenance Estimate

Burdick explained that the modification was needed to account for the recent flooding.

  • A motion was made by Erbes, seconded by D. Bost, to approve the 2019 MFT Revised Maintenance Estimate Resolution. The motion carried by unanimous vote.

20th Street Truck Traffic

Burdick informed the committee of the issue and that Murphysboro City Council voted to continue to allow trucks on 20th Street.  Erbes asked about the process for putting up stop signs, anyone can petition the county and a study will be done to determine if it is best for the area.

County Buildings & Grounds

Peterson discussed the requirement for baby changing stations to be in all bathrooms in the Courthouse beginning on January 1, 2020, Whitbeck stated that it could be done.

Old Business

New Business

Executive Session


Calandro moved and D. Bost seconded to adjourn, motion carried.