TUESDAY, AUGUST 20, 2019 5:00 PM


Call to Order (5:00 PM)

  • Larkin, Lindsey, Turk and Williams
  • Calandro

Approval of Minutes


May 21, 2019 Minutes

  • A motion was made by Sheriff's Department Representative Lindsey, seconded by Health Department Representative Williams, to approve the May 21, 2019 minutes as presented. The motion carried by unanimous vote.

Old Business

New Business


2020 License Application submission date

The Board discussed dates for the applications to be returned so there would be time for staff to review them for any missing information prior to the meeting.  It was suggested that they be in at the beginning of November.  The next meeting will be on Nov. 19th at 5pm where the applications will be reviewed and voted on.


Makanda Inn License

The Board discussed the Makanda Inn wanting to serve food to the public which would put them in a different license category.  The Board reviewed the definitions of the different licenses and determined that the Makanda Inn would need to apply for a Restaurant License in 2020 and in the mean time they can pay a prorated fee for the remainder of the year.  The Board asked Mileur to look at the definition of a restaurant and have any suggested changes at the November meeting.

  • A motion was made by Health Department Representative Williams, seconded by State's Attorney's Office Representative Turk, to authorize the Liquor Board to send a letter to Makanda Inn notifying them that they no longer qualify as a Bed & Breakfast due to their Health Department application and request the prorated fee. The motion carried by unanimous vote.


Lindsey moved and Williams seconded to adjourn, motion carried.