MONDAY, JULY 15, 2019 6:00 PM


Call to Order (6:30 PM)

  • Hunter, Madsen, St. Julian, Thomas, Williamson and Willis
  • Flowers

Also Present: Ginny Donney, Betti Mucha, Deanna Cruse, Micki Moon, Nancy Maxwell

Approval of Minutes


March 25, 2019 Minutes

These were left out of the packet and will have to be approved at a later meeting.


Recognition of Visitors

Agency Reports

Shawnee Health reported that staff is working with doctors to handle gender issues even when other providers will not.  

Archway reported that the Shawnee Corrections offenders built a playhouse for Archway to auction off as a fundraiser.  Archway is very grateful for the work the offenders put in.

Women's Center reported that the Shawnee Corrections offenders took up a collection for domestic violence awareness month.  Also, they will be starting a men's group at the Eurma Hayes Center.

Old Business


Election of Officers

  • A motion was made by Board Liaison Hunter, seconded by Thomas, to approve Williamson as Chair, Willis as Vice-Chair, and Flowers as Treasurer. The motion carried by unanimous vote.

New Business


FY20 Budget

Discussion began with the request to email out the agency adoptions to board members and agencies so they can make arrangements to get in contact with each other.  The Board members commented that they like the new funding application and the agencies thought it was easier as well.  Hunter suggested that the Board make the request for the full amount they need to fund each agencies request.  She then reminded the Board and the agencies that the County Board will be looking at cuts and anyone who is able should plan to attend the budget hearing.

  • A motion was made by St. Julian, seconded by Madsen, to authorize submitting the 708 Board budget request to the County Board with the full amount needed to fund each agency at its asked amount. The motion carried by unanimous vote.

Executive Session


Thomas moved and Willis seconded to adjourn, motion carried.