Call to Order (5:07 PM)

  • Erbes, Hunter, Larkin, Nehring and Peterson
  • Snyder

Also present; 

Tamiko Mueller, Mary Beth Varner, Mitch Burdick, Josh Barringer, Kenton Schafer, Lisa Jacquot, Stacy Ballard, Rabecca Robinson, Dr. Kohen, Bart Hagston, Cheryl Benn

Approval of Minutes


August 8, 2019 Minutes

  • A motion was made by Peterson, seconded by Erbes, to approve The August 8, 2019 minutes. The motion carried by unanimous vote.



Ministerial Alliance Breakfast Invitation

Larkin reported the annual prayer breakfast will be held at the Davis-McCann Center on September 11, 2019 from 6:45 am- 8:15 am.


TIF-Joint Review Board Meeting

Larkin reported the TIF Joint Review Board will by held on Tuesday, September 10, 2019 at 4 pm at the Daum Administration Building in Murphysboro.

Internal Office Matters


October 2019 Calendar Adjustments

Moved the Finance and Administration Committee meeting to Tuesday, October 15, 2019 at 5pm


Finance Committee members

Larkin would like to change the amount of committee members back to 7 and add and appoint Laurie Nehring as the 7th member of the Finance committee


Committee Assignment for Morris

Larkin wants to assign Morris to Legislative and Public Safety Committee


Animal Control Job Description

Would like to suggest some changes to the Animal control job description. would like to remove the min qualification of a FOID card,  Stacy Ballard with the Department of Agriculture stated she would like to look over the job description and help if she can. Nehring mentioned we need to revisit the intergovernmental governmental agreement, Larkin stated that can be updated once a new animal control officer gets hired. 

  • A motion was made by Peterson, seconded by Hunter, to approve Remove the requirement to carry a valid Illinois Firearm Owner's Identification Card from the Jackson County Animal Control Job Description. The motion carried by unanimous vote.

Computing Services

Barringer informed the board that we had a catastrophic failure on August 26th of one of our storage systems for the courthouse, except for the states attorneys office. The device that had the failure is out of services now. The closest back up we had was August 17, and it has been restored. A new back up system is in the rack now. We have roughly 13 terabytes of data that we're backing up. Barringer mentioned that we do have an aging infrastructure and we really, really need to start replacing if possible. Barringer mentioned this is the reason he is requesting an increase in his budget this year. Barringer mentioned that if we had been able to maintain a 5 year system we wouldn't have this problem Mueller asked what year we are on and Barringer stated we are on year 8. 




Board Member-District 3 Appointment

No application at this time


B. Open Appointments in September 2019 {13}
1. Board of Health (1)
2. Buncombe Water District (1)
3. Elverado Water District (3)
4. ETSB 911 (1)
5. Farmland Assessment (1)
6. Jackson County Housing Authority (1)*
7. Jackson/Union Regional Port District (1)
8. Liquor Advisory Board (2)
9. Oraville Water District (1)
10. Southern Illinois Economic Development Authority (1)

  • A motion was made by Erbes, seconded by Hunter, to approve To reappoint Wileta Brown-Martin to serve on the Jackson County Housing Authority Board. The motion carried by unanimous vote.

C. Upcoming Open Appointments {12}
1. 708 Board (2) Dec 2019
2. Crosswalk Community AA (2) Dec 2019
3. Greater Egypt RPDC (1) Dec 2019
4. Jackson Growth Alliance (1) Oct 2019
5. Jackson County Mass Transit (2) Oct 2019
6. SI Metropolitan Planning Organization (1) Nov 2019
7. Southern Most Illinois Tourism Bureau (3) Nov 2019

Old Business


Nationwide 457b Loans

Nothing at this time


Complete Count Sub Committee

Peterson introduced Rebecca Robinson to speak about the importance of an accurate and complete census count.


New Business


Baby Changing Stations

Bart Hagston with the Health Department talked about the House Bill 3711 that states every public building has to have a baby changing station in all restrooms that men and women have access to change their babies and be safe, sanitary and convenient.


Sexual Harassment Training

Training is scheduled for October 30, 2019 at 8:15 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.


Alstat Award

Mueller asked to make the Alstat award application available the County website.


JGA FY20 Funding

Cheryl Benn the director of Jackson Growth Alliance stated she cant wait to share plans for next year.

Executive Session


Erbes moved and Hunter seconded to ajourn, motion carried.