WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 14, 2019 4:30 PM


Call to Order (4:34 PM)

  • D. Bost, Erbes, Mendoza, Jr., Peterson and Snyder
  • Calandro and Mueller

Also Present: Mitch Burdick, Maureen Berkowitz, Jason McKee

Approval of Minutes


July 10, 2019 Minutes

Peterson noted that under Communication the initials should be ISACO

  • A motion was made by Snyder, seconded by Erbes, to approve the July 10, 2019 minutes with the above mentioned correction. The motion carried by unanimous vote.



SI article on recent flooding

This will be included in the September meeting packet.

Land Use & Economic Development



Greater Egypt Regional Planning & Development Commission

Peterson noted that Greater Egypt received a grant to look into opportunity zones, they have completed a small structure inventory, there is an upcoming Complete County Committee meeting to discuss the upcoming census, and they received an IEPA grant to update the Kinkaid Lake Watershed Plan.


Supervisor of Assessments
a. Land Division-Hines 18-03-176-029

Berkowitz explained the requested land division and noted that it conforms to the County ordinance, has been approved by the Health Department and the Highway Department.

  • A motion was made by Snyder, seconded by D. Bost, to approve the Hines land division for parcel # 18-03-176-029. The motion carried by unanimous vote.

Jackson Growth Alliance

Mueller updated the committee on the work being done by JGA on revitalizing the downtown Murphysboro area.


Comprehensive Plan

Peterson spoke about how allowing cannabis in the area should be considered with the comprehensive plan and whether the Board should look at getting citizen opinions on the issue.


River Levee Project Update

The River is going down but not enough to begin work.

Highway Department



SIMPO-Southern Illinois Metropolitan Planning Organization

Peterson spoke about helping with storm water issues if needed, litter in the rural areas affecting the beauty of the area, completion of safety studies in the area and Murphysboro needing to apply for ITEP money.


Jackson County Bike Routes

It was reported that Carbondale is expanding their bike path to Wood Road to connect with the box culvert.


Highway Monthly Claims

Burdick reviewed the claims highlighting the reoccurring repair costs due to the age of the fleet and the increase in the Township MFT this time of year.

  • A motion was made by Erbes, seconded by Snyder, to approve payment of the Highway monthly claims in the amount of $334,011.33. The motion carried by the following vote:
    • 4 - Erbes, Mendoza, Jr., Peterson and Snyder
    • 2 - Calandro and Mueller
    • 1 - D. Bost

County Highway Department Update

Burdick gave an update on the various things the Highway Department is working on:

1.  The Dillinger Road project is expected to be completed in September.

2.  The Ava Road project is slated to be finished by the end of the week.

3.  The Schlager Road project bids have been opened and a resolution will be forthcoming to the Board.

4.  The Giant City Road project may go to bid around December or January.

5.  Burdick attended the meetings with FEMA, there is about $700,000 in damages so far.  There is still about 13 miles of road under water.

6.  No additional news on the Capital Bill funding.

7.  The Highway Department will be purchasing a truck from the Ambulance Department which works out as a win/win for each department and a win for the County as a whole.

8. As of right now the Highway Department is fully staffed but he will be posting for the Administrative Assistant position within the next few weeks.

9.  They are working on road repairs from the flooding.  They have to be started now in order to be able to have some finished before the winter and hopefully FEMA will reimburse at a later date.

10.  The Makanda Township matter has been dealt with and is closed.

11. They are working to get Macedonia Road open now that it is dry.

12.  Burdick plans to bring his budget to the committee to review before the budget hearings.  He does not anticipate any significant changes in dollar amounts, there are some reductions in projects and personnel which help keep the final costs where they were this year.  He will need to spend some money on upgrading the fleet.


Kimmel Bridge Road Speed Study Resolution

Burdick explained how speed study's work and why this one was needed.

  • A motion was made by D. Bost, seconded by Erbes, to approve the Kimmel Bridge Road Speed Study Ordinance. The motion carried by unanimous vote.

Egyptian Electric Utility Adjustment Agreement #2-16-00175-00-SP

Burdick explained the need for the additional agreement with Egyptian Electric and the resolution that goes with it.

  • A motion was made by D. Bost, seconded by Erbes, to approve the Egyptian Electric Utility Adjustment Agreement #2 16-00175-00-SP. The motion carried by unanimous vote.
  • A motion was made by Erbes, seconded by Snyder, to approve the Egyptian Electric Utility Adjustment Resolution. The motion carried by unanimous vote.

Beaucoup Road Stop Sign Resolution

Burdick explained that he put this on the agenda in case it was needed but it is not needed.  He was approached by Ora Township asking for a stop sign and advance warning of the stop.

County Buildings & Grounds


Energy Audit Presentation

McKee reviewed his request to work with the county on an energy audit.  He spoke about other places he is working with to do energy audits.  This item will be moved to the board at a later date.

Old Business

New Business

Executive Session


Mendoza moved and D. Bost seconded to adjourn, motion carried.