Call to Order


Meeting called to order at 9:00am: Those present: Karnes, Berger, Whitfield, Ehlers, Berkowitz.

Approval of Minutes


Certificate of Error


9:30      Doty, J

10:00     Stegmann, W

10:30     Buser, J

11:00       05.01.300.001    Jasecko, W

12:00       05.06.300.009    McMillan, M

12:30    Turnbough, P

1:00         05.19.300.014     Vercellino, S

2:00     Schilling, K

2:30         15.19.303.010     Neill, M


05.19.300.014 Vercellino hearing cancelled.

15.19.303.010 Neill heaing cancelled.

New Business

Old Business

Pending PTAB

Discussion of any cases currently at PTAB level.

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