MONDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 2019  5:00 PM


Call to Order (5:00 PM)

  • Chapman, Doerr-Berger, Orrill and Schauwecker

Also Present: Andrew Erbes, Tamiko Mueller, Elvis Cameron, Michelle Tweedy, Jeff Whitbeck, Orry Cummings, Kevin Wills, Bob Vail

Approval of Minutes


December 13, 2018 minutes

  • A motion was made by Doerr-Berger, seconded by Schauwecker, to approve the December 13, 2019 minutes as presented. The motion carried by unanimous vote.


Smartwatt Preliminary Feasibility Assessment

Cummings began by reviewing the updated totals on the suggested work with out the Courthouse repairs.  He pointed out that removing the Courthouse repairs brings the overall total down and leaves lots of useful things that could be done.  Cummings went on to say that the next step is for the Commission to do an RFQ for engineering similar to what they did for architects.  Once the Commission selects a company to do the engineering an investment grade audit will take place which will give finite numbers and the project can be customized after that.  He reminded the Commission that April 1st is the solar incentive deadline.  He concluded by stating that due to the fact that Jackson County is a low income county they will receive extra points on the solar incentive and the project is potentially budget neutral.  The Commission thanked him for his time and indicated that they would let him know when a decision is made.


Bernardi Securities Presentation

Willis and Vail began by giving a handout that outlines different types of bonds that the Commission has available to them.  They went through each page explaining and answering questions as they went.  The Commission discussed what the future plans of the Board are, Erbes commented that the Board is in a poor financial situation right now.  Orrill said he would like to talk with the Board to see how they would like the Commission proceed.  The Commission thanked Willis and Vail for their time and information.

Old Business


Review of RFQ's for Med/Seg Unit

The Commission decided to not open the RFQ's until they figure out how the Board wants them to proceed.  

New Business


Monthly Claims

  • A motion was made by Schauwecker, seconded by Chapman, to authorize payment of the Cameron Law Firm December 2018 bill in the amount of $350.00. The motion carried by unanimous vote.
  • A motion was made by Chapman, seconded by Schauwecker, to authorize payment of the Southern Illinoisan bill for the RFQ ad. The motion carried by unanimous vote.


Schauwecker moved and Chapman seconded to adjourn, motion carried.