MONDAY, JANUARY 28, 2019 5:30 PM


Call to Order (5:33 PM)

  • Flowers, Hunter, Madsen and Thomas
  • St. Julian, Williamson and Willis

Also Present: Ginney Donney, Graydon Burchfield, Betti Mucha, Deanna Cruse, Kathy Baumann, Teresa Eubanks, Holly Cormier

Flowers led the meeting in the absence of the the Chair and Vice-Chair.

Approval of Minutes


November 26, 2018 Minutes

  • A motion was made by Board Liaison Hunter, seconded by Madsen, to approve the November 26, 2018 minutes as presented. The motion carried by unanimous vote.



American Addiction Centers website request

This item will be discussed in March.


The Recovery Village website request

This item will be discussed at the March meeting.

Recognition of Visitors

Agency Reports

Perry-Jackson reported that they doubled the number of interviews they conducted and that they have decided to open up the office in the evenings to a private practice counselor to use.

Archway reported that they have completed their DCFS review and received a 100%, they are also in need of a classroom aid.

SICIL reported that their transportation is continuing as normal and the computer lab that the mini-grant funding was used for is almost completed.

Women's Center reported that the group at the Erma Hayes Center is up and running and has about eighteen clients.  They also had a very nice Christmas Party at the Erma Hayes Center that included clients and the community.

Clinical Center reported that they are still conducting LD/ADHD assessments and they are adding audio testing as part of the assessments.  Cormier reported that the Clinical Center had some funding remaining from FY18.  The Board discussed that this most likely due to the contract being signed late due to SIU's review.  The consensus of the Board is as long as it is going to be used for the original intent they saw no reason for it to be returned.   

START reported that the 708 funds go to a career counselor and to help unfunded clients.  They will be having their annual dinner on February 21 at the KC Hall all board members are invited.

Shawnee Health reported that they are expanding access to opiod treatment and they are still working with the Terrier Care in the high school.

Old Business


Agency Adoptions

The board reviewed the included handout with suggestions for agency adoption.  SICIL is the only agency without a board member.  The consensus of the board is to find out when their meeting dates are and see who would be willing to take on an additional agency.

  • A motion was made by Madsen, seconded by Thomas, to approve the agency adoptions as listed. The motion carried by unanimous vote.

FY2020 Application and Rubric

The board reviewed the application and the rubric.  They would like to have the addition of who is required to sign the application at the end of the application.  Also, they want a question added about how many residents were served by the 708 funds.

  • A motion was made by Thomas, seconded by Madsen, to approve the FY2020 application and rubric with the requested changes. The motion carried by unanimous vote.

New Business


Update on Contracts

The coordinator informed the board that all but one of the FY19 contracts have been signed and returned.  The Clinical Center contract is being held up by SIU. Cormier will follow up to see where it is in the process.  In the mean time the Board asked that the Clinical Center continue to turn in the quarterly reports.  


March Meeting Adjustment

St. Julian had asked if the March meeting could be moved because he will not be able to attend.  The committee discussed and although a different member will not be able to attend if the meeting is moved the consensus of the committee is to move the meeting to March 25th at 5:30pm

Executive Session


Thomas moved and Hunter seconded to adjourn, motion carried.