Call to Order (5:02 PM)

  • Calandro, D. Bost, Mendoza, Jr., Mueller, Peterson and Snyder
  • Erbes

Also Present: Mitch Burdick, Maureen Berkowitz, Frank Byrd, Michelle Tweedy, Lisa Jacquot

Approval of Minutes


December 12, 2018 minutes

  • A motion was made by Mendoza, Jr., seconded by Snyder, to approve the December 12, 2018 minutes as presented. The motion carried by unanimous vote.


Peterson asked the committee if they could move the meeting to 4pm, this was too early for some.  She then asked about moving it to 430pm and the consensus was to do this.

Peterson informed the committee that she and the coordinator are working on a list of acronyms for the County Board this should be ready by the February meeting.


Grand Tower Appeal update

Berkowitz was asked to explain this item, it is just a required notice that once again Grand Tower power plant is appealing their taxes.  She updated the committee that the 2014 and 2015 appeals are being decided in Springfield and the 2016 & 2017 appeals are already at PTAB.  The 2018 appeal is still at the Board of review but will probably be going to PTAB.

Highway Department

A. SIMPO-Southern Illinois Metropolitan Planning Organization

B. Jackson County Bike Paths/Trails

C. Payment of Highway Monthly Claims

A. Peterson reported that the round about in Carbondale has been removed from the TIP and they are looking for other projects.  A consultant is looking at the intersection on Chautauqua and McLafferty Roads to see about increasing the safety.  The committee discussed different options and were informed of some of the safety concerns with stop lights and a round about.

B. Peterson mentioned the muddy culverts on the bike path between Carbondale and Murphsyboro.  Burdick offered to contact IDOT about the barriers and suggestions for keeping the culvert clean.

C. Burdick took a moment to highlight the IACE payment and spoke about how important it is to the county.  Calandro moved and Snyder seconded pay the Highway monthly claims in the amount of $34,305.96, motion carried.


Resolution to appropriate funds for the Jackson County contribution to the Airport Road Relocation

Burdick reminded the committee that the funds are for the Airport Road project and are in the budget.

  • A motion was made by D. Bost, seconded by Calandro, to approve the Federal Matching Fund resolution for the Airport Road project. The motion carried by unanimous vote.

Acceptance of Proposal to Furnish Materials for 2019

Burdick informed the committee that the company the county used in previous years has agreed to keep their price the same for 2019.  He was asked if he went out for bid, since the current company is maintaining their price and there have been no issues with the service he did not see a need but he plans to go out for bid in the future.

  • A motion was made by Mueller, seconded by Snyder, to accept the proposal from Southern FS, Inc. to furnish materials for 2019. The motion carried by unanimous vote.

2019 Motor Fuel Tax Year Budget and bid update

Burdick informed the committee that it is time for the annual bid for motor fuel tax materials.  He explained that the rules require a competitive bid process each year and that it is usually done at the end of February.  He will have a resolution after the decision has been made.  He reminded the committee that anyone who wants to can attend the bid opening.


Employee Hiring at the Highway Department

Burdick reminded the committee that due to the county passing the ERI  the Highway Department has already lost five employees and will likely lose a few more.  Burdick promoted from within to fill the Foreman position.  He promoted Eric Dillinger on a six month interim basis.  He posted the maintainer positions and received sixty applications, interviewed 14 of them and offered four of the interviewees conditional employment.  He hired Justin Reiman, Athaddeus "Tad" Johnson, Grant Brown and Josh Hines.  They will begin work throughout the month.  Burdick then stated the wants to work in the department a bit longer before he decides if he need to hire any additional people.  He did adjust their starting rates so they came in at a lower salary than those who retired.  Burdick then spoke about the need to get someone hired to replace the office manager if she retires, how important that position is and some of the specialized skills a person would need.  He also said he would like to find someone who is grounded in the community and will be around long term.


Resolution in Support of MFT funds being increased

Burdick informed the committee that the County Engineer Association is working with legislators on this issue and this could be tabled for now.  He spoke about how important it is for all the county engineers to speak with one voice on this issue and the Association is working on common language and theme.

Land Use & Economic Development

A. Greater Egypt Regional Planning & Development Commission

B. Supervisor of Assessments

C. Jackson Growth Alliance

D. Comprehensive Plan

E. River Levee Project Update

F. Land and Water Conservation Fund

A. Peterson reported that IDOT will give a presentation at the February 12 meeting at the Civic Center.  She also mentioned that the SI Works project was mentioned in the SI Business section.

B. Berkowitz explained to the committee why the Board gets notices from the Board of Review.  She went on to remind the committee that the State's Attorney's Office is involved in all commercial appeals on behalf of the County.  She also mentioned that the board does not get to decide which people pay what amount in taxes, that is something that is decided by the general assembly.  Berkowitz mentioned a current state program regarding the residential tax incentive program.  D. Bost stated that a subcommittee is being formed to do some research on the topic.

C. Mueller reported that she attended the JGA meeting last month and they are currently working on acquiring private funding for some projects in Murphysboro.

D. None

E. None

F. Peterson reported that there is a Nature Conservation staff in Jackson County, Theran Hobson.

County Buildings & Grounds


County Clerk Office Renovations

Byrd addressed the committee about funding for painting his office, a ceiling fan, and something that locks for records and money.  He also provided some pictures of some ceiling repairs that are needed.  Tweedy pointed out that there are many offices in the Courthouse are having the same ceiling issue and it is being addressed by the Sheriff's Office maintenance. 

  • A motion was made by D. Bost, seconded by Calandro, to approve the all of the requested renovations to the County Clerk's office. The motion carried by unanimous vote.

Old Business

New Business


D. Bost moved and Calandro seconded the motion to adjourn, motion carried.