TUESDAY, JANUARY 8, 2019 5:00 PM


Call to Order (5:00 PM)

  • Calandro, Comparato, Endres, Erbes, Mueller and Nehring
  • Snyder

Also Present: Julie Peterson, Dan Bost, Kenton Schafer, Stephen Roberts, Bart Hagston, Kerri Gale, Sarah Patrick, Lloyd Nelson, Stacey Ballard

Approval of Minutes


November 13, 2018 Minutes

  • A motion was made by Nehring, seconded by Comparato, to approve the November 13, 2018 minutes as presented. The motion carried by unanimous vote.


Peterson presented an article on the way congress people have voted on the government shutdown and other issues.  There is concern about how the shutdown may affect the county if it continues.


Mediacom notice of rate adjustments

This is for informational purposes.

Animal Control


Consideration of Rabies Tag Fee

Nelson presented the 2018 study on tag fees in surrounding counties.  Mueller asked why this item was being discussed, to increase revenue.  Nelson stated that he thinks increasing the one year tag fee by $1 and the three year tag by $3 would keep Jackson County as the lowest fee in the area but could generate an additional eight to ten thousand dollars a year.  Nelson reminded the committee that the reason the tag fee has been kept low is to encourage compliance to keep rabies outbreaks from happening.  He went on to say that he does not think the nominal increase will cause any undo hardship on anyone and will still keep the level of compliance.  Peterson reminded the committee that Jackson County is a high poverty county.  Mueller spoke about taking her dogs to the vet and getting them vaccinated and the costs involved and her concern over the $3 increase for three year tags.  Erbes asked when the last time the fees were increased, 2010.  Nehring asked about altered vs. non-altered which is spay/neutered animals.  The committee requested an opinion from the State's Attorney's Office on whether it is legal to separate the tag fee based on altered vs. non-altered.  Nelson and the committee coordinator were asked to notify the veterinarians about the increase planned for 2020.  This item will remain on the agenda.

Health Department & Solid Waste

A. Jackson County Health Department

B. Solid Waste Enforcement

C. Solid Waste Fund Update

D. Recycling Program

A. Patrick began by giving some information on communicable diseases.  She then said the Health Department gave around 2500 flu shots.  If anyone would like to get a flu shot they can go to vaccinefinder.org to see where shots are available.  Patrick is proud of the outreach efforts of the Health Department in getting the Hep A vaccine out to target populations.  She concluded by informing the committee of the warming center that is being planned in Carbondale for the homeless.  They hope to have it open in the next few weeks and it will run through March.  More information is available at carbondalewarmingcenter.weebly.com

B. Gale reported that there were thirty open dumping/open burning inspections conducted, twenty seven were revisits to existing sites, five of the revisits were closed due to compliance, three citizen complaints were received and three landfill inspections were completed.

C. Gale reviewed the end of 2018 totals and the totals for the beginning of 2019.

D. Gale is working with the IEPA and ILCSWMA to host an electronics workshop to inform counties in Illinois about the Consumer Electronics Recycling Act and how to opt-in by March 1, 2019 for the 2020 program year.  She also reminded the committee that the next scheduled Shred/Med Disposal day is set for Saturday, April 6, 2019 from 8am to 12pm at the Health Department.  As usual, the Sheriff's Office will be on hand to assist with the medication disposal.

Emergency Management

Endres informed the committee that Derek Misener, the Emergency Management Director will be retiring this month. Orval Rowe is the Deputy Director, this is a full time position and he will take over the duties until a new Director is hired.  The Director position is a part-time grant funded position that pays about $5000 a year.  Schafer stated that he has not interest in taking over the duties.  He will speak with his staff to see if anyone is interested in the position.  Peterson and Patrick suggest that the Health Department could look at taking over the position.  The comment was made that this position used to be under the purview of the Sheriff's Office and he should be consulted about whether he would like the responsibility for the position.  The committee would like a legal opinion on whether they have to post the position publicly.

Ambulance Service

A. Payment of Ambulance Monthly Claims

B. Ambulance Director's Report

i. Accounts Receivable Cash

ii. Activity Report

A. Mueller moved and Erbes seconded to pay the Ambulance Service claims in the amount of $169,807.75, motion carried.

B. Schafer reported that there is $236,986.08 in accounts receivable cash.  He went on to say that there 758 patient care reports for 726 incidents.  Also, three of the four power loads installed the last one should be installed later in the week.


Schafer informed the committee that he has been contacted by Jackson County 911 and asked to sign the call handling intergovernmental agreement.  This is a routine business matter that simply acknowledges that the Ambulance Service agrees to respond to 911 calls for EMS in Jackson County.  The consensus of the committee is for Schafer to proceed with signing the document.


Swearing in Director

Endres administered the Oath of Office to Schafer.  He was presented with a new badge and Endres pinned it on him.  Then Roberts pinned stripes on Schafer and the audience applauded.


Hiring Policy Changes
a. Physical Agility Test
b. Corporate Integrity Test

A. Schafer reported that the current physical agility test is a bit unrealistic for the job requirements and expectations.  He further reported that this is having a negative impact on hiring.  He would like to make it match the work that is required.  With recent changes there is not as much need for strength and a higher need for it be an endurance test.  Mueller asked if this would make it more gender neutral then she gave her military experience as an example.  Schafer stated that part of the reason for the change is to make it more gender neutral.

B. Schafer began by explaining what the corporate integrity test is and that it comes from IPMG.  He went on to point out that the failure rate of the test, which is more of a psych evaluation, is high and the company will not give him statistics on the accuracy of the test.  He would like to institute a more formal background investigation through MBI Worldwide, they are a certified company.  It is a company recommended by the Health Department, meets all industry standards, includes DMV records and fingerprinting.  

  • A motion was made by Nehring, seconded by Calandro, to approve the new physical agility test as presented. The motion carried by unanimous vote.
  • A motion was made by Calandro, seconded by Erbes, to approve ceasing the use of the corporate integrity test and implementing a formal background check. The motion carried by unanimous vote.

SecurePay Credit Card Payment Change

Schafer began by informing the committee that the Ambulance Service needs to update their credit card processing.  The current process charges the Ambulance Service a user fee per swipe as well as charging for the use of the company's machine.  Schafer looked at three different companies and has selected SecurePay through Ability Networks.  The Ambulance Service currently works with Ability Networks for their Medicare payments so the transition should be easy.  SecurePay will allow patients to make payments through the website.  Also, Ability Networks will wave the user fee for the Ambulance Service.  This change will not cost the county anything and will end up saving money.  The contract has been approved by the State's Attorney's Office.  

  • A motion was made by Mueller, seconded by Nehring, to approve recommendation to engage SecurePay as the credit card payment processor. The motion carried by unanimous vote.



Residential Development Incentives

D. Bost spoke to the committee about the idea of a residential tax incentive.  He believes it will help increase property ownership in Jackson County.  He gave several examples of other places that have programs.  He requested a subcommittee be formed to look into this idea.  D. Bost offered to chair the subcommittee.  It is the consensus of the committee to proceed with forming a subcommittee.  Endres asked if any committee members would be interested in serving on the subcommittee, Mueller and Erbes indicated they would.  The coordinator was asked to email the full board to see if they are interested.

Citizen Comments

Old Business

New Business

Endres informed the committee that in the future if anyone would like to put an item on the Legislative & Public Safety agenda they will need to email both the coordinator and her.  She would like to have the opportunity to discuss any item being added prior to the meeting so she is aware of the issue.  

Executive Session


Erbes moved and Mueller seconded to adjourn, motion carried.