Call to Order (5:00 PM)

  • Endres, Erbes, Hunter, Larkin, Nehring and Peterson
  • Snyder

Also Present: Tamiko Mueller, Kenton Schafer, Mary Varner, Michelle Tweedy, Lisa Jacquot, Josh Barringer, Jeff Whitbeck, Maureen Nordike

Approval of Minutes


December 6, 2018

  • A motion was made by Hunter, seconded by Erbes, to approve the December 6, 2018 minutes as presented. The motion carried by unanimous vote.

Internal Office Matters

Larkin brought up the need to adjust the date of the Legislative & Public Safety meeting in February due to it falling on a holiday.  Endres suggested moving it up a week to February 5th.  Notice will be sent to committee members to ensure there is a quorum on that date.

Larkin reminded the committee that once the committees are set the date and time of the meetings can be reviewed.  This item will be on the February agenda.

Larkin informed the committee that it is time for employee's annual evaluations.  Larkin, Hunter and Endres will comprise the evaluation group with Peterson doing the the Highway Engineer evaluation.  Employees will be asked to complete self evaluations by Friday, January 11th.  Board members will be notified that they can submit evaluations for any employee they want.  Larkin would like to have the evaluations completed by the February meeting.


Committee Meetings at Sheriff's Office

Larkin began by reminding the committee that the reason for moving the meetings to the Sheriff's Office is to save the county money on overtime costs.  Peterson stated that she believes that the meetings should be held at the Courthouse because it is the county seat.  Additionally, the board office is located there and citizens may feel more comfortable going to the Courthouse over the Sheriff's Office.  She asked that the State's Attorney's Office be consulted to see if it is legal for the meetings to be held at the Sheriff's Office.  Hunter suggested posting notice on the front page of the website.  Larkin asked that a press release be written with the notice of the venue change for committee meetings.

Computing Services

Barringer informed the committee that he is working on establishing various policies for the county.  He asked the committee if there were any specific policy's they would like him to write.  Hunter suggested a BS&A user policy and agreement.  She reminded the committee that there are various levels of access in BS&A and that different offices have requested different people have different access.  She suggested that there be a policy that users sign off on and also an access level agreement for department heads to sign off on.  



ETSB 911 appointment rescission

Due to a miscommunication between the committee coordinator and the 911 Board Administrator the December appointments to the ETSB 911 were recinded and new appointments made.

  • A motion was made by Peterson, seconded by Erbes, to approve recommendation of appointing Mathis, Mueller and Sayer to the ETSB 911 Board. The motion carried by the following vote:
    • 5 - Erbes, Hunter, Larkin, Nehring and Peterson
    • 1 - Endres
    • 1 - Snyder
  • A motion was made by Peterson, seconded by Erbes, to recind the December appointments of Tennants and Sayer to the ETSB 911 Board and the previous motion to appoint Mathis, Mueller and Sayer. The motion carried by the following vote:
    • 5 - Erbes, Hunter, Larkin, Nehring and Peterson
    • 1 - Endres
    • 1 - Snyder
  • A motion was made by Peterson, seconded by Erbes, to approve recommendation to appoint Mathis, Mueller & Sayer to the ETSB 911 Board. The motion carried by the following vote:
    • 5 - Erbes, Hunter, Larkin, Nehring and Peterson
    • 1 - Endres
    • 1 - Snyder

Open Appointments in January 2019 {9}
a. Buncombe Water District (1)
b. ETSB 911 (3)*
c. Jackson/Union Regional Port District (1)
d. Jackson County Mass Transit (1)
e. Public Building Commission (3)*

a. Larkin asked that an email be sent to the Board members whose district covers the Buncombe Water District and ask them for assistance in locating someone for the board.

b. The committee discussed whether the Port District is active and asked the committee coordinator to contact Union county to find out when and where the meetings take place.

c. Peterson indicated that she would be willing to serve.  The committee requested an opinion from the State's Attorney's Office on which outside boards County Board members can sit.

d. Peterson moved and Erbes seconded to nominate Crystal Kellum to the Public Building Commission, motion carried.

Larkin stated that he plans to appoint Rendleman to be his designee on the Southwest Illinois Connector Task Force.

Old Business


IMRF-Jackson County 911

Tweedy began the discussion by giving a brief review of the process of determining the whether 911 employees need to be county employees.  IMRF has determined that 911 employees do have to be county employees and they should have been part of the county by January 2nd but the 911 attorney is working on getting an extenstion.  Tweedy reported that the State's Attorney's Office is reaching out to 911 to work on an agreement between 911 and the county.  The committee would like to have the agreement on the agenda for the monthly board meeting.  Larkin asked who would be supervising the employees and how the money between the two entities would work.  The committee discussed why this is happening now, how 911 differs from other agencies like the Health Department, the pay schedule and health insurance.  The committee requested to get job descriptions for the two 911 positions.  Then the committee discussed the 401K and IMRF differences.  Larkin and Hunter are going to get together to discuss the issues discussed.  This item will remain on the agenda.

New Business

Erbes reported that he received a call from the levee district about water going over the roads with the recent rain.  He called Burdick who said he would contact IDOT.  The culverts and ditches need cleaned out and IDOT has not done it for awhile.

Peterson reported that Burdick has promoted one person from within and has offered four people probationary employment.  He received sixty applicants and interviewed fourteen people.


Air Methods Presentation

Nordike began by giving a brief resume and introducing Air Methods.  She stated that they have already entered into a preferred provider agreement with SIH.  Air Methods will have a helicopter at the SI Airport staffed 24/7.  They are planning to open in February with a ribbon cutting set in March.  They are working with the Jackson County Ambulance Service to get predetermined locations and an auto launch protocol.  Nehring asked about billing, Nordike explained their process and said that they do all they can to work with patients.

Executive Session

Erbes moved and Peterson seconded to enter into Executive Session under 2 (c) 1 of the Illinois Open Meetings Act to discuss personnel; Larkin-Yes, Peterson-Yes, Erbes-Yes, Hunter-Yes, Nehring-Yes, Snyder-Yes, Endres-Absent; motion carried.


Endres moved and Erbes seconded to adjourn, motion carried.