Item ID Number: 19-4574
Meeting Type: Finance and Administration Committee

Action Comments: This item was moved to the full board. Rendleman reported that he received a phone call from a friend at SIH giving him a heads up that SIH will be balance billing Jackson County employees for all services because they do not agree with the payment method that HOPE Trust uses. The Acting County Administrator informed the committee that most employee are already used to bringing in any bills they get to the board office and the staff in the office submit them for processing, this procedure should continue to work for any employee who receives a bill from SIH. Additionally, employees can choose not to go to SIH and go to any other facility/provider and many employees already go to Cape Girardeau, Paducah, Anna, and/or St. Louis for services. The committee discussed how disappointing it is that SIH isn't working with HOPE Trust.