Item ID Number: 19-4556
Meeting Type: Legislative and Public Safety Committee

Action Comments: Gale reported that the Shred/Med Day on October 26th was rainy, cold and windy. Health Department staff, Sheriff's Department staff, START's Carl Hartman and volunteers collected medications and documents for destrution. They collected 97 pounds of medication and 4,220 pounds of paper. There are no numbers on the specific number of vehicles due to the weather but the estimate is about 120. Gale went on to point out that HD staff attended the Illinois REcycling Associaton Workshop in Springfield on Detailing Recycling in Transition. The workshipo narrowed down some of the issues facing with recycling world such as contamination in the recycling facilities, waste hauler contracts and what they offer. Additionally, HD staff attended the IL Counties Solid Waste Management Association Conference which trains and educates Solid Waste and Recycling professionals on various programs.