Item ID Number: 19-4448
Meeting Type: Legislative and Public Safety Committee

Action Comments: The Ambulance Department needs to purchase 2 Ford F-150 trucks to replace our 2007 Expedition that has 184,000 miles, and the 2002 Explorer with 187,000 miles. Schafer had budgeted to replace both of these trucks, and line item thus far is untouched. There will be sufficient budgeted money to cover this cost and the cost of the ambulance approved last night in finance. These trucks will be purchased on the Illinois State Bid joint purchasing from Morrow Brothers Ford, they are the closest dealer that has been awarded the State Contract. Total cost: $76,990 and this includes all of the necessary equipment already installed.

Action: authorize
Action Note: the purchase of 2 trucks from the IL State Bid at a cost not to exceed $77,000

Seconder: Comparato Scott
The motion carried by unanimous vote.