Item ID Number: 19-4430
Meeting Type: Finance and Administration Committee

Action Comments: Hunter began the discussion by informing the committee that the Finance Committee will be moved back to seven members. She went on to discuss why she assigned each committee member to departments and that the board members will be liaisons between the committee and the departments during the budgeting process. Comparato suggested that each department be prepared during their budget hearing to discuss which of their departments tasks are statutorily required and which are not. Hunter outlined the proposed timeline of hearings in September, voting to put the budget on file at the October Finance committee meeting, and final approval at the November Board meeting. She asked that the County Clerk's office, Assessments and the Board office work to get numbers prepared for the budget and look into finding spreadsheets that were used in previous years. Hunter then reminded the committee that during the budget process they need to consider: the 2 million the county is behind from previous years health insurance the 1 million the county is behind from this years health insurance the requirement to pay off all claims available by Nov. 30th in order to receive any stoploss the Grand Tower appeal the recent fee changes both negative and positive the need to pay off the Jail bonds and the housing of prisoner funds the current infrastructure needs throughout the county the decrease in taxes the possibility of creating a multi year plan the need to adjust the Tort liability levy to account for actual costs the need to fund IMRF correctly and the increase due to the ERI Hunter concluded by stating that she would like to see data on the area, data on the departments, and employee contributions to the departments to get a complete financial picture.