Item ID Number: 19-4418
Meeting Type: Legislative and Public Safety Committee

Action Comments: This item was moved up on the agenda. Peterson began by reviewing some of the information in the packet she gave out a few months ago. She believes that having a subcommittee to look into cannabis in the county is needed but now may not be a good time. She went on to discuss the two options she believes the county has: whether to have a public hearing to educate the community and/or whether to opt out of cannabis in the county. Burns stated that it may be a bit early to be deciding anything because things may become more clear in the next few months and trainings on the new laws are just starting. Peterson is concerned about craft growers in the area. Erbes formed a Cannabis subcommittee with Comparato as Chair, Peterson and himself. Comparato asked about looking into information from UCCI that may have a September deadline.