Item ID Number: 19-4417
Meeting Type: Legislative and Public Safety Committee

Action Comments: Schafer reported that there is $255,856.93 in accounts receivable cash; there were 815 patient care reports for 799 incidents for EMS and 53 livery transports. Schafer also reported that he has staff in place for the Apple Festival. As always he will have medical staff on the grounds during the hours of operation at the request of the Apple Festival Committee. The Sheriff’s Department has graciously allowed them the use of their mobile command trailer again this year which is a huge benefit. He greatly appreciates the use of this trailer. He has requested to utilize an asset from SPARC (Shawnee Preparedness And Response Coalition) during the event. SPARC has a John Deere Gator UTV with patient mover capabilities. They have radios, stretchers and equipment and licensed with Department of Public health as Emergency Response Vehicles. The Ambulance Department is a member of SPARC and a benefit of that membership allows them to utilize this equipment at no cost. They utilized this asset during POTUS and it worked very well. This will give them the ability to respond anywhere on the grounds and transport a patient out to the awaiting ambulance should a patient be located mid grounds where an ambulance could not travel. Overall a benefit to our community. He thanks SPARC for allowing the use of this asset to benefit our community.