Item ID Number: 19-4412
Meeting Type: Legislative and Public Safety Committee

Action Comments: Gale reported that Hagston met with Governor Pritzker and Deputy Governor Flores on August 23 with twenty representatives from the public health & social service agencies to discuss callenges faced and potential solutions. Hagston asked the Governor to support additional funding for the Local Health Protection program which helps support work done to investigate and respond to communicable diseases, inspect restaurants, and regulate private sewage systems and private drinking water. Gale went on to remind the committee that every five years the Health Department is required to develop a Community Health Improvement Plan, the first step is the community health survey used to identify the public's health priorities, responses are due Oct 15, 2019 the survey can be located at: Additionally, the Health Department is monitoring the illnesses and dealths attributed to vaping nationwide, there are no known serious illnesses reported in Jackson County. Gale concluded by informing the committee that they will begin administering flu vaccines by October 1. The committee asked that the Health Department administer vaccines at the October board meeting.