Item ID Number: 19-3954
Meeting Type: Residential Tax Incentives Subcommittee

Action Comments: D. Bost began by talking about the purpose of the subcommittee, to promote home ownership in Jackson County and build the tax base. From there the committee discussed the current Illinois property tax program outlined in the property tax statute. The committee discussed the issues to using the current program and decided to proceed with sending a letter to elected officials to get them on board with making changes to the program. Benn said she submitted several places in Murphysboro and Carbondale to be named Opportunity Zones. Stephens said that three areas in Carbondale were selected. Mueller gave the committee copies of Carbondale Ordinance 2007-39 which is an incentive program for new home owners. She believes it would be good if Murphysboro and the County could do something like that. Stephens said he would like for the state program to include vacant lots. The city has a lot of vacant lots that they want to sell and they are considering doing a mow to own program. Mueller asked if Murphysboro would allow tiny houses, Stephens indicated that he did not think the city council would be in favor of that. D. Bost concluded by saying that the state program is complicated, needs to have the target areas removed and include "cities with empty lots" for Murphysboro. The consensus of the committee is to draft a letter to send to elected officials and stakeholders before the next meeting.