County Agendas and Minutes

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  • Meeting Type:County Board Meeting
  • Meeting Date:11/19/2019 6:00 PM
  • Agenda:Final AgendaShow
  • Minutes:Not Available
  • Meeting Address:Jackson County Courthouse | 1001 Walnut Street, Murphysboro Illinois 62966
Item IDItem TitleType
Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call
Recognition of Visitors
Citizen Comments
Agency Reports
Chairman Report
19-4594Alstat AwardMeeting Item
Approval of Consent Agenda
19-4595October 15, 2019 & October 22, 2019 Board Meeting Minutes Meeting Item
19-4596Approval of Computing Services Data Center Equipment Lease AgreementMeeting Item
19-4597Payment of HOPE Trust Insurance bill in the amount of $301,846.00Meeting Item
19-4598Payment of County Monthly Claims in the amount of $327,888.74Meeting Item
19-4599Payment of Board Member Travel Expenses in the amount of $4,902.49Meeting Item
19-4600Delinquent Tax Resolution 2019-27 Parcel# 08-07-100-015Meeting Item
19-4601Delinquent Tax Resolution 2019-28 Parcel# 15-15-156-004Meeting Item
19-4602Resolution 2019-29 Increasing the Per Diem Compensation for Members of the Sheriff’s Merit CommissionMeeting Item
19-4604Payment of Ambulance Service Monthly Claims in the amount of $67,682.56Meeting Item
19-4603Ordinance 2019-13 Authorizing an Addendum to the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System AgreementMeeting Item
Standing Committee Reports
Executive Committee
19-4605Open Appointments in October 2019 {18}
i. 708 Mental Health Board (1)-Board Liaison
ii. Buncombe Water District (1)
iii. Elverado Water District (3)
iv. Farmland Assessment (1)
v. Greater Egypt (2)
vi. Jackson County Housing Authority (1)
vii. Jackson/Union Regional Port District (1)
viii. Liquor Advisory Board (1)
ix. Natural Resources Economic Development Board (2)*
x. Oraville Water District (1)
xi. Southern Illinois Economic Development Authority (1)
xii. Southern Most Illinois Tourism Bureau (3)
Meeting Item
Finance & Administration Committee
19-4606Payment of Health Insurance ClaimsMeeting Item
Legislative & Public Safety Committee
Real Property Committee
19-4607Payment of Highway Monthly Claims in the amount of $524,079.59Meeting Item
19-4608Approval of the Grant Agreement between Jackson County and IDOT for Flood RepairsMeeting Item
19-4609Land Division Marc Cummins 10-17-200-003Meeting Item
Special Committee Reports
Executive Session
19-4610Executive Session under 2 (c) 2 of the Illinois Open Meetings Act to Discuss Collective Bargaining Meeting Item
Old Business
New Business
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