The Dial in information for all May Board meetings is: 1-312-584-2401, meeting ID: 1378275#


County Agendas and Minutes

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  • Meeting Type:County Board Meeting
  • Meeting Date:01/22/2019 6:00 PM
  • Agenda:Final AgendaShow
  • Minutes:Draft Minutes
  • Meeting Address:Jackson County Courthouse | 1001 Walnut Street, Murphysboro Illinois 62966
Item IDItem TitleTypeResultTallyAction
InvocationNot Available
Call to OrderNot Available
Pledge of AllegianceNot Available
Roll CallRoll Call
Recognition of VisitorsNot Available
Citizen CommentsNot Available
CommunicationsNot Available
Agency ReportsNot Available
Chairman ReportNot Available
19-3917Permanent Committee AppointmentsMeeting ItemPass(12:0)Action Details
Approval of Consent AgendaNot Available
19-3919Payment of Health Insurance claims in the amount of $381,794.48Meeting ItemNot Available
19-3920Payment of County monthly claims in the amount of $294,603.53Meeting ItemNot Available
19-3923Delinquent Tax Resolution 2019-01 Parcel# 04-21-178-011Meeting ItemNot Available
19-3924Delinquent Tax Resolution 2019-02 Parcel# 03-28-100-006Meeting ItemNot Available
19-3925Delinquent Tax Resolution 2019-03 Parcel# 13-30-176-002Meeting ItemNot Available
19-3926Delinquent Tax Resolution 2019-04 Parcel# 14-03-331-030Meeting ItemNot Available
19-3927Delinquent Tax Resolution 2019-05 Parcel# 14-04-383-008Meeting ItemNot Available
19-3928Delinquent Tax Resolution 2019-06 Parcel# 15-16-353-003Meeting ItemNot Available
19-3929Delinquent Tax Resolution 2019-07 Parcel# 15-21-176-030Meeting ItemNot Available
19-3930Delinquent Tax Resolution 2019-08 Parcel# 16-25-402-004Meeting ItemNot Available
19-3931Authorize and direct the Board to get comparable health insurance bidsMeeting ItemNot Available
19-3932Authorization to fund Court Security as needed from the housing of prisoner's fundMeeting ItemNot Available
19-3933Payment of Ambulance Service monthly claims in the amount of $169,807.75Meeting ItemNot Available
19-3934Authorization and direction for the Ambulance Director to make the suggested changes to the Physical Agility TestMeeting ItemNot Available
19-3935Approval for the Ambulance Director to cease using the corporate integrity test and begin using a formal background checkMeeting ItemNot Available
19-3936Approval for the Ambulance Service to engage SecurePay for credit card paymentsMeeting ItemNot Available
19-3937Payment of Highway monthly claims in the amount of $34,305.96Meeting ItemNot Available
19-3938Resolution 2019-09 Federal Matching Funds Resolution-Airport RoadMeeting ItemNot Available
19-3939Acceptance of Proposal to Furnish Materials and Approval of Award to Southern FS, Inc for fuel delivery for 2019Meeting ItemNot Available
19-3918December 18, 2018 minutesMeeting ItemPass(12:0)Action Details
19-3921Payment of Gilbert, Huffman, Prosser, Hewson & Barke, Ltd. in the amount of $7,284.04Meeting ItemPass(12:0)Action Details
19-3922Payment of Board Members Travel Reimbursement in the amount of $3,004.88Meeting ItemPass(12:0)Action Details
Standing Committee ReportsNot Available
Executive CommitteeNot Available
19-3940Rescind the December appointments to the ETSB 911 BoardMeeting ItemPass(8:3)Action Details
19-3941Appointment of Josh Sayer, Larry Mathis, and Chris Mueller to the ETSB 911 BoardMeeting ItemPass(10:2)Action Details
a. Southwest Illinois Connector Task Force
b. Buncombe Water District
c. Jackson/Union Regional Port District
d. Jackson County Mass Transit
e. Public Building Commission*
Meeting ItemAll PassMultipleAction Details
Finance & Administration CommitteeNot Available
19-3943Clarification of extension of health insurance benefits for leaves of absenceMeeting ItemPass(12:0)Action Details
19-3944Direction for the Chairman to request a legal opinion from UCCI on the use of the Solid Waste Fund over the last ten yearsMeeting ItemAction Details
Legislative & Public Safety CommitteeNot Available
19-3945Residential Tax Incentives Subcommittee appointmentsMeeting ItemAll PassMultipleAction Details
19-3946Approval of Polling Places for Spring 2019 ElectionMeeting ItemPass(12:0)Action Details
Real Property Committee Not Available
Special Committee ReportsNot Available
Old BusinessNot Available
New BusinessNot Available
Executive SessionNot Available
RecessNot Available
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