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The Jackson County Board is seeking qualified candidates to serve on boards to which they make appointments. Jackson County residents interested in putting their talents to work for the benefit of the County may find more information here or by calling the Jackson County Board office at 618/687-7240.

Download the Resume for County Board Appointment form to apply for an opening.  Please send completed applications to the Jackson County Board Office, attn: Committee Coordinator.  Resumes are reviewed by the Executive Committee on the first Thursday of each month.  Applicants are notified as to when their resume will be reviewed, and their presence at the review is often requested.

Download the Legislative Appointment Handbook to receive more information on a specific board or agency.  If you have any further questions, please contact the Committee Coordinator at 618-687-7245.

Liquor Advisory Board

  • Type:Volunteer
  • Salary/Pay Rate:N/A
  • Posted Date:12/01/2019

Purpose:  Governed by the Jackson County Liquor Control Ordinance, amended December 2013; this ordinance shall be liberally construed to the end that the health, safety, and welfare of the people of Jackson County may thereby be protected, and, to the end that temperance in the consumption of alcoholic liquors may be encouraged and fostered by judicious and careful regulation and control of the sale and distribution of alcoholic liquors.  The Liquor Advisory Board shall have the following powers and duties:

  • To review all liquor license applications, both new and renewals
  • To meet and discuss liquor license applications with all applicants
  • To render an advisory opinion as to the merits or demerits of each liquor license application it reviews
  • To receive complaints made against licenses and to inform the Liquor Control Commissioner of these complains which require further action
  • To monitor all licensees for compliance with state and local law
  • To seek public input and to receive community concerns regarding liquor and liquor licenses


Members:  The Chairman of the County Board of the County of Jackson, State of Illinois, shall be the Liquor Control Commissioner, and shall act as such in and for that area in the County of Jackson, State of Illinois, which is not within the limits of any city, incorporated town, or village.  The Liquor Control Commissioner of Jackson County shall receive compensation in the amount of $1000.00 per year for performing his/her duties of office, said sum shall be paid monthly in equal installments. 


Conditions on Membership:  The Liquor Advisory Board shall consist of the following members:

  • The Sheriff or his/her representative
  • The State’s Attorney or his/her representative
  • The Chair of the Health and Safety Committee
  • A representative from the Jackson County Health Department
  • At least one, but not more than three, citizens of the County to be appointed biannually by the Chair of the County Board with the approval of the full County Board

In cases where an application for a new liquor license has been made, the Liquor Advisory Board shall also include, for purposes of reviewing such new applications, the two County Board members for the district in which the proposed establishment is to be located.


Meetings:  The Liquor Advisory Board shall meet not less than semi-annually to carry out its duties.  The Liquor Advisory Board shall establish dates, times, and places for its meetings.


Terms:  Those appointments for citizens of the County shall be two year terms.


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