Daniel Bost

District 2
Title: District 2 Board Member
Daniel Bost

District 2

4 Year Term

Personal Life

  • Born and raised in Murphysboro and Southern Illinois
  • Conservationist-Actively involved in the promotion and preservation of healthy forests, historic sites, and property.
  • Hiker & Bicyclist


  • Graduated from Murphysboro High School 1982, General studies with specifics in Machine Tools & Metalworking, Sports-Football & Wrestling
  • John A. Logan College- General Business/Economics & Marketing 1984
  • University of Illinois-Champaign-BS Agriculture Business & Economics 1986

Professional Life

  • After graduation, I moved to Arizona and California, working in the Agricultural Sector of the Southwestern United States
  • 1986 to 1990- Lived in Chicago, IL, and briefly worked in the FUTURES Industry
  • Local business owner –transportation and property development
  • Murphysboro Chamber of Commerce-Past President
  • Supporter of Jackson Growth Alliance-Jackson County Economic Development Org

I care deeply about Murphysboro, all of Jackson County, and Southern Illinois – This area has great potential to grow economically.  Real economic growth that provides us with the quality employment our families and individuals need to prosper is a matter of leadership shaping a planning horizon here forward, which will entice & activate real investment. Investment happens where risk on return is at a minimum compared to other choices. Other areas have experienced real economic growth and the quality of jobs they produce. Knocking down the obstacles that prevent Jackson County from reaching our potential is paramount if you really care about our future.


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