Delinquent Tax Properties

Paying Delinquent Property Taxes

If eligible, back taxes can be redeemed in the County Clerk's Office. Please call 618-687-7360 for amounts due and how to pay back taxes.

How Do I Buy Tax Delinquent Property?

There are two options that could lead to the purchase of delinquent tax property.

Sealed Bid Auction

This is an auction by the Jackson County Trustee and is held once per year. These are properties that the taxes were not sold at the annual tax sales and the Jackson County Trustee has taken possession of the deed and property.

Buyers submit a minimum bid and the property is sold at the highest bid. The buyer is not responsible for back taxes on the property.

Catalogs for the current and past auctions can be viewed either online at Illinois Tax Deeds | Illinois Tax Liens ( or in the Treasurer's Office. Catalogs for a current auction are available approximately 30 days prior to the auction date, which will be sometime in the fall. Check this website for updates.

The County or The County Trustee has the right to remove any item from the sealed bid auction.

Annual Tax Sale

This is the annual auction of delinquent taxes to tax buyers. This is the annual auction of delinquent taxes to tax buyers. The tax sale does not auction off the actual property. At this auction, tax buyers bid on an interest rate (between 0-9%) and unpaid property taxes. If a tax buyer wins the auction, they will be responsible for paying the taxes for that year. If the property owner redeems the taxes, the tax buyer will be paid back the amount of the taxes paid plus the interest bid. If the property owner does not redeem the taxes by the next tax cycle, the tax buyer has the opportunity to buy subsequent year taxes. After 30 months without the back taxes being redeemed by the property owner, the tax buyer can ask the court for a tax deed to the property, at which point the tax buyer becomes the legal owner.

To inquire about becoming a tax buyer, contact Edmond Robinson in the Treasurer's Office at 618-687-7350.