County Highway Map

In each of the sixteen townships the roads, bridges, and culverts are maintained by different units of government including the following:

  • Various State and Federal Agencies (I.D.O.T., I.D.N.R., Forest Service, etc.)
  • Special Districts (Levee, etc.)
  • Jackson County
  • Township Road Districts
  • Private Owners
  • Municipalities

The condition, surface material, width, etc. of roads are unrelated to which agency is responsible for its maintenance.

If you have a complaint about a road, bridge, or culvert, please complete the multi-agency Complaint Notice and mail it to the appropriate agency, such as your township road commissioner. Select any of the "thumbnail sketch" maps below to view a color-coded map indicating the agency responsible for road maintenance.

To notify the responsible agency regarding complaints about a road or bridge, direct your communications to the appropriate agency. Please Report a Road Problem. To file a written complaint with the commissioner or County, please download the preferred complaint form. If the road condition is an emergency, please call the appropriate agency immediately.

Jackson County Maintenance Map