Frank Mulholland, Managing Director

  • Administrative Office
  • 608 East College, Carbondale, IL 62901-3309
  • Dispatch (Carbondale only): 549-0304
  • Dispatch (Outside Carbondale): 866-884-7433
  • Office phone (not the dispatch number): 618-351-1836
  • FAX: 618-457-0171
  • Hours: 7am - 6pm (Monday - Friday)

The Jackson County Mass Transit District was established to provide general public transportation services for county residents.

Anyone is eligible to ride on the district's bus system.  The start and end of all rides must occur within Jackson County.

All one needs to do to ride is to call the dispatch center before 5:00 PM of the business day before the ride. For bus service on a Monday, reservations must be made before 5:00 PM on the previous Friday. Reservation made early in the previous day are strongly advised!

Call the Dispatch Center to request a ride at:

  • Local number: 549-0304
  • Toll-free in Jackson County: 866-884-7433 (866-884-RIDE)

The fares for all rides are charged for each one-way trip. Exact change is required!

Children under the age of ten (10) must be accompanied by an adult rider.

Adult Fare (One-Way)

Schedule 24 hours in advance $3.00  
Same-Day Scheduling  $4.00 

Student Fare (One-Way)

Scheduled 24 hours in advance $2.50 
Same-Day Scheduling $3.50

Child Fare (One-Way)

Children under 6  Free 
Children 6 - 15  $1.00

Senior Fare (One-Way)

Scheduled 24 hours in advance  $2.00 
Same-Day Scheduling  $3.00 

Personal Attendant  Fare (One-Way)

A person with a disability may designate a personal attendant with which to ride.  Free 

*All rides are subject to availability.

Freedom of Information Act Inquiries Information

Jackson County Mass Transit District

FOIA Officer: To Be Apointed

FOIA Officer: Graydon Burchfield

608 East College, Carbondale, IL 62901-3309

Telephone: 618-351-1836