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County Board Appointed Vacancies

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The Jackson County Board is seeking qualified candidates to serve on boards to which they make appointments. Jackson County residents interested in putting their talents to work for the benefit of the County may find more information here or by calling the Jackson County Board office at 618/687-7240.

Download the Resume for County Board Appointment form to apply for an opening.  Please send completed applications to the Jackson County Board Office, attn: Committee Coordinator.  Resumes are reviewed by the Executive Committee on the first Thursday of each month.  Applicants are notified as to when their resume will be reviewed, and their presence at the review is often requested.

Download the Legislative Appointment Handbook to receive more information on a specific board or agency.  If you have any further questions, please contact the Committee Coordinator at 618-687-7245.

Cable TV Commission

  • Type:Volunteer
  • Salary/Pay Rate:n/a
  • Posted Date:10/25/2016

Purpose:  The Commission is governed by (55 ILCS 5/5-1095) as well as the Public Utilities Act (220 ILCS 5/) and Jackson County Ordinance No. 91-1:  An Ordinance Regulating Franchise, Establishment, Construction, Operation, and Maintenance of a Cable Television System within the County of Jackson, Illinois.  The Commission has the following responsibilities and duties as well as such other responsibilities that the County Board may assign to it:

  • To resolve disputes or disagreements among franchises, and between subscribers, public and private users of the System, and the Franchisee.  Such action shall only be taken if those involved in such dispute are not first able to resolve their dispute or disagreement without the aid of the Commission.
  • To review and audit all reports and filings submitted to the County as required by the Ordinance and such other correspondence as may be submitted to the County concerning the operation of the Cable Television system
  • To review the rules and regulations set by the Franchisee
  • To assure that all tariffs, rates, and rules pertinent to the operation of Cable Television in the Jackson County area are made available for inspection by the public at reasonable hours and upon reasonable request
  • To act in any capacity in which the County may participate in Countywide Programming and recommending any changes to the County Board
  • To advise the County Board on applications for franchises, unless the County Board shall otherwise provide for the handling of this function
  • To advise the County Board on matters which might constitute grounds for revocation of the franchise in accordance with the Ordinance
  • To advise the County Board on regulation of rates in accordance with the Ordinance.  Such advice shall be in the form of a written report to the County Board.
  • To coordinate the Franchisee’s local programming services for best use of public facilities and channels of the System
  • To advise the County Board regarding general policy relating the services provided subscribers and the operations and use of public channels, with a view to maximizing the diversity of programs and services to subscribers.  The use of public channels shall be allocated on a first come, first serve basis, subject to limitations on monopolization of System time or prime time.


Members:  The County Board Chairman, with the advice and consent of the County Board, may appoint five members to the Commission.  No compensation is given for these appointments.         


Conditions on Membership:  Members must be County residents and shall reflect the “diverse” population of the County, as such term is determined by the County Board.  No employee or person with ownership interest in a Cable Television franchise granted pursuant to this Ordinance shall be eligible for membership on the Commission. 


Meetings:  The Commission meets when needed and directed by the Chairman of the County Board.  The Chairman of the Commission can also call for a meeting.


Terms:  Each member shall serve for a single three year term.  Initial terms shall be for one, two, and three years, determined by lots as follows:  one member shall serve for one year, two members shall serve for two years, and two members shall serve for three years.

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