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The following link contains assessment changes for the Murphysboro and Somerset townships.

Jackson County is seeking a statement of qualification from architects and/or engineers or respective firms to perform a limited county building and operations space need study and related consulting services.  The County desires to evaluate the current sufficiency of its courthouse, courthouse annex and court probation services office; and the needs for physical space into the next 20 - 40 years.  The county also wishes to have guidance prioritizing its options for future development which may include the use or redevelopment of existing space as well as ideas for new construction.  Please see the following link for a complete description.

Jackson County Property Tax due dates are September 23, 2014 and October 23, 2014.

Legislative Committee

Application: Word | PDF

The Jackson County Board is seeking qualified candidates to serve on boards to which they make appointments. Jackson County residents interested in putting their talents to work for the benefit of the County may find more information online here or by calling the Jackson County Board office at 618/687-7240.


County Events

Tue Nov 04 @ 4:30PM - 12:00AM
Insurance Committee
Tue Nov 04 @ 5:00PM -
Special County Board
Wed Nov 05 @ 4:30PM -
Building & Grounds Committee
Wed Nov 05 @ 5:30PM -
Legislative Committee
Thu Nov 06 @ 5:00PM -
Ambulance Committee